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Here Comes The Judge

It's a busy market day in the Forum. Erastes and his men walk into the Forum in slow motion and start looking around for Vorenus. Maybe you should have specified a time, genius.

Back home, the Vorenian daughters are being sent away with Lyde to stay in the country with their cousins. Niobe herself is insisting on staying with Vorenus. She kisses her daughters, and sends them over to the living-room shrine to ask the gods for a blessing. Vorenus follows them as Lyde tries and fails to get Niobe to beg Vorenus to do as Erastes asks. Niobe says he'd never do it and she'd never ask. Her, sure, but I can't believe the neighbors wouldn't have anything to say about Vorenus's actions potentially getting their homes incinerated. They could plan a defense, circulate a petition to evict Vorenus, kill him themselves and deliver his head to Erastes -- something. Instead, they have decided, to a citizen, to leave this matter to be settled by the people with speaking roles and lit out for the territories, because there's not another soul to be seen in the whole complex. Whatever. Over at the living-room shrine, Vorenus is reminding his daughters always to remember they are Vorenii, and that their parents love them very much. With more hugs from Niobe, daughters and sister-in-law are sent out with the slaves (save J. No, who's also staying). They pass Pullo, who's busy sharpening a sword on the balcony. Niobe nervously snaps at J. No to clear off the table, even if it's the last thing she does. Except for that part at the end there. Vorenus asks Niobe, clearly not for the first time, to go with the others, but she refuses and tells him to stop asking.

Over in the Forum, Erastes has clearly gotten bored of standing around like a doofus waiting for an apology that isn't going to come, so he decides to lead his men over to the home of a man who's now had time to prepare gods-know-what kind of reception for him. Be funny if he showed up to rape himself some chicks and found himself staring down the barrel of half the Thirteenth Legion.

Instead, though, it's just Vorenus, Niobe, and Pullo. The ex-soldiers aren't even wearing their armor, so they must have turned it back in for the deposit or something. Pullo is busy secreting weapons all over the courtyard so that he can easily grab them in whatever melee may ensue. That would probably be handy for someone like Kiefer, but for Pullo, here's a tip: they're swords. You're not going to run out of bullets. Niobe prays over what may be a last meal. I hope Vorenus isn't hungry, because the table setting laid before him is nothing but four wicked-looking blades. Needing such an assortment of utensils doesn't speak very highly of your butchering skills, dudeus.

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