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Here Comes The Judge

Daytime again. We're in the part of Rome where they carve the marble, I guess. All sorts of columns and statues are in various stages of progress along the street, with extras plying their hammers and chisels carefully so as not to scrape of any polystyrene where the camera can see. Timon's staked out amid the scaffolding, and a compatriot of his whom we've never seen before asks him, "What's the hat for?" Timon, sporting a large leather yarmulke, mildly chastises the other man for not knowing it's Yom Kippur. "What are you, my Rabbi now?" the other guy says. And now we see what they're waiting for, which is Servilia's litter. And it's on. Her litter bearers try to clear the way, but they're set upon and quickly murdered by Timon's men. Servilia herself is tipped out onto the street as the litter falls to the ground. Once the last of her slaves is killed, all of the muggers are free to gang up on her and hold her by her bare arms. She resists, screaming and praying, as Timon watches with the faint beginnings of horror. A black-hooded figure comes up from behind and starts slashing off great hanks off Servilia's voluminous red hair, throwing them over her shoulder so that Servilia can see them landing on the street in front of her. Then the other two men rip her dress, stripping her to the waist and holding her up to public view long enough to make sure her humiliation is complete. Timon looks on in horror and guilt as his men run away to leave her lying in the street. Sure, now he feels bad. And he doesn't even know how adept she is at finding out when he's been up to no good.

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