A Tale Of Two Parties

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Hang, over

And now, mysteriously, the party is over. Max wheels out the last of the party guests, and Maria helps Liz clean up until Michael comes down and asks if he can talk to her. Meanwhile, Slackjaw lets Liz off KP and tells her to go out with Max and "have a real New Year's." Hugs and loving between a bot and her Slackjaw are lovingly exchanged. And, back in the kitchen, Michael tells Maria that she deserves "a night off from all this alien crap." Maria can't believe that Michael heard her from all the way upstairs, but is all the more shocked by his self-sacrificing nature and his desire to let her go and find -- sing it loud if you know the word -- Enigma. She hugs him big, which should hurt him like a mofo but certainly doesn't seem to. And we're back in the dining room, where Liz pledges her commitment to helping out her father, and Max and Maria conspire to find Enigma together now that they've shaken off the shackles of their annoying mates and fallen instead into the annoyingness of one another. I find that exchange program uncute.

Back in the garage, Isabel changes the car from yellow back to black, and Isabel asks Kyle if he's feeling disappointed. He's excited, he says, that he got a college girl's phone number. Kyle asks what happens now, and Isabel asks, "How much do you love me?" And then they kiss and kiss. And then they don't, because it was a nine-second dream sequence. What "love" and its proving refers to is Isabel's continued need to watch the Rudolph movie.

Back at the chalkboard, Maria figures out in a super-hurry the location of the next Enigma clue, and they're off to the 24/7 that Kyle previously tossed casually off as the next clue. That's kind of excellent. Suddenly, Maria whispers a hushed, "Max!" She thinks she's found another clue, on a restaurant menu that is -- or isn't -- an actual restaurant menu. It turns out the party is at "Blue Moon Canyon." Two whole clues and exactly no "Fagabefe"? What's the big deal about finding this non-bash?

And back again to the Crashdown, where Liz enters the kitchen to find Michael floored. She tells Michael, "I thought you told Maria you were okay." Michael tells her in agony that he lied, and that his body feels "like one big bruise." Slackjaw enters the kitchen just at this moment, and demands to know just what's going in. Liz doesn't have to lie a smidge when tells her father, "He drank too much." So they transport Michael back to Liz's bed, as we join Max and Maria currently in the process of Maria telling Max, "Should have seen him standing there, all brave and noble. It was enough to make you fall in love with him all over again." Max stands accused, as if the second person "you" referred directly to him. It was just a general "you," Max. But Max is not convinced.

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