Chant Down Babylon

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Shut up...mon

I guess Liz fashioned a lime Jell-O ladder and climbed down to where Max fell, because all of a sudden she's next to him on the ground, kneeling over him. She turns him over and feels for a pulse, but he's an alien so maybe he has a normal 107 temperature and his heart is in his toes or something. But then Max goes all old-y face for two seconds and becomes Max (two full years younger!) again. He looks up at Liz: "You brought me back." She's keeping score: "I guess that makes us even." He's so sweaty that she practically slides right off him when they hug. Maria walks up then and asks, "What happened?" Liz looks up and has all the answers: "Let's go home." The three walk off, closing-credits-of-Three's Company-style, and I'm waiting for Max to grab Maria's arm when she starts to stray from the path. Fade. Credits. Circularity. Dude. This would have made the best last episode ever, ever.

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