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Too many khooks in the khitchen

They walk toward the Port-O-Lith, but just at that moment, Jesse comes flying out of nowhere, taking Khevin down with a khry of, "Keep your hands off my wife." He then fells Khivar with the gory power of a really fake stage punch. Brutal, those. Khivar hits the dirt, and Jesse looks at Isabel and wonders what's what with her eyes. He begs her to talk to him, but she has no choice but to take him down with the force of a molecularly manipulated tree branch that slams him between the shoulder blades and knocks him unconscious. Isabel steps forward and notes, "If we're gonna go, we have to go now." She and Khivar stare up into the column, into the horrific face of terrible space CGI, and walks to the edge of the Port-O-Lith. Max pulls out one of history's greatest "nooooooooooo"s, and Isabel's eyes flicker at just the right moment. She pushes Khivar into the column and states as fact, "You come back, I'll kill you myself." And he's gone. Max and Michael rush to see if she's okay, Michael runs to rescue the kidnapped disappearing guy, and Isabel explains that Jesse saved her completely.

But not from the fact that this episode has been in the belabored process of ending for going on six hours now. Jesse wakes up in his bed at the Soon To No Longer Be Sexless Suite, and Isabel will only tell him that the man following them around was "a very dangerous man." Jesse conjures up memories of Max and Michael, but Isabel quickly quashes them as "ridiculous." Indeed, it is. Indeed, all of it so very much is.

Max and Michael leave. Max? Michael? LEAVE?

We miss the nature of the entire meeting, but we find new "friends" Slackjaw and Monopoly Nazi leaving Monopoly Nazi's office, Slackjaw asking, "So, Philip, what do you want to do about it?" But what are we looking for? "I don't know. I just hope I recognize it when I see it." And they're gone. Not a moment passes before Liz exits her new closet-y hiding place, examining the office for clues. Behind a bulleting board littered with legal briefs with words like "assets" scrawled across them, there's another hidden board with buzzwords written boldly on black magic marker. Words like "Liz" and "Tess" and "conspirators" and "Jeep is missing" and "Utah" and "Burns" and "Camping" and "What is Max hiding?" Utah?

Jesse and Isabel have had sex. Soon, I anticipate that they may have sex again. The credits and I concur that it seems best for us to leave that action where it is and at least sleep for a little while. Have a very pleasant Thanksgiving, everyone.

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