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There's Something About Sammy

A telephone rings in a dark room, and Mrs. Rising picks it up to hear Mr. Rising report, "I just had the weirdest dream!" So did she! He starts the sentence, "It was so..." She finishes it: "Real." He asks if he can come over. The kid can talk! They're in love again!

Porno. Kyle. Don't date younger women! We already broke up! Why'd you do it? Why are you asking? She's awful cute! Is she ever!

Jesse walks into the living room the following morning (where'd she sleep, then?) to find his stocking hanging proudly from the mantel. She's realized that Christmas is about family. "And you're my family now." This is how people learn and grow. In a montage. Max brings Samuel a present and leaves it outside. Max and Liz go ice-skating. Max and Liz talk about the nature of Christmas. Max and Liz make it snow, because that's what happens when evaporation meets the atmosphere and mixes Max and Liz skate off into the end of the year, insuring I won't have to deal with this mess until well into the next year. Or at least until ten fucking minutes into it. Have a very pleasant Christmas, everyone.

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