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Max tries to calm the floozy down by telling her that he's trying to figure out who killed Joey; she brings out the lightning diagnosis of the cops, but Max can see he's got her. She keeps waving the gun around and says she tried telling the cops that Joey was murdered, but that they think she's crazy. Max tells her she's quite sane; she tells him that she saw someone, and he asks her to show him, as he reaches out and pushes her hand down, aiming the gun at his crotch.

Cut to the two of them on the hill where Joey was killed; as she recounts the events, there's a quick flash back to the blinding light, and she says, "And then Joey was dead." Damn. I just broke my own rule. Sometimes nothing works like dialogue. Floozy talks about the man she saw, saying there was something weird about him, like he was glowing. And then he just disappeared. Max brings up the video he saw of Joey rehearsing for Utah, and asks who cast him. She has no idea; Joey wasn't telling, but when he got back, he was acting strange, talking about aliens and spaceships. Floozy told him he was losing it, so he clammed up. She says, "He just said he got the goods on someone, someone big, and that it would make him a rich man." Max looks all knowing, and she wonders if that's what killed him, and begs Max to tell her about Utah, and what's going on, and if she's in danger. All Max will say is that they should leave.

Kyle and Liz, holding the box for They Are Among Us, mock the film as the door to the restaurant where she works opens and a grandmotherly woman, all gray hair and pearls, enters and says, "Are you Liz?" It sounds like she's called Miss Cobeydale; she knew Grampy, and wonders how they found her. On the Internet, of course; Miss C did hair and makeup for They Are Among Us. They sit down in a booth, and start chatting about the film. Miss C says it was an exciting time, when "Roswell went totally Hollywood." Not caring at all, Liz barrels ahead and asks about the actress that got killed. Tragic, says Miss C. Struck by lightning on a clear day. Says she was a "hottie," and then makes sure that "that's what you call them now, isn't it." Yes, all the time. Miss C then drops the bomb that the actress was caught in a love triangle with the lead actor and the clapperloader. Neither Liz nor Kyle stops to ask what the hell a clapperloader is, but I'm awfully curious. The guy that loads the Clapper? So you can turn off all the lights with one magical clap of the hands? Kyle mentions Grampy's alien theory, and Miss C looks disapproving, remembering the stir his wild notions caused. Liz asks if Grampy had any suspects, and Miss C fingers the clapperloader.

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