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Fancy French place. Alex is against the wall, listening to Isabel. Isabel's freaking out in the bathroom. Alex tells her that she didn't ruin his life, even though she got him killed. Isabel is covered in glitter. Maybe that's why she always looks so sweaty. She doesn't know what to do when Jesse proposes. Alex tells Isabel to forgive herself. He forgives her and since he's part of her, she just did. Isabel stares off into nothing.

Empty diner. Liz's dad sits at a table, doing receipts. Liz walks over and asks if he needs help. He nods and says he does. Liz sits and doesn't offer to turn off the bad music, surprisingly. She asks to read some of his poems. He says he threw them away. It was a long time ago. She asks if he could write a new one. She says she doesn't hate him. He says, "You're the poem, Liz. You're the poem." What's with all of the repeating of lines on this show? Liz smiles.

French proposal. Isabel keeps drinking. Jesse says that he can't do this anymore. He can't be with her like this. There are things she doesn't want and things he does want and they're lying to each other thinking they're going to fake their way through all of this. She asks if he wants out. He says he does. She pulls out the ring and asks what it's for. He says it's his mother's ring, and she asked him to hock it but he just couldn't once he got to the jeweler's. Why does Isabel's hair still look wet? They start laughing as they realize they're also trapped in a '70s sitcom plotline. "No wonder you looked so pale!" he laughs. So, I guess they broke up? Jesse says that Isabel was right about most of what she said when she broke up with him, but she was wrong about one thing: "And that's the fact that I would gladly live anywhere and do anything if it meant being with you. I've never met anyone like you before. And I've never felt this way about anyone. So, God help me, but, here goes. Isabel Evans, will you marry me?" Isabel looks around all teary and whispers, "I can't. I really, really want to. I really want to. But I can't. I'm so sorry." He says it's okay. "I didn't mean for you to…I," Isabel says. Jesse says it's okay, and excuses himself to leave. He says goodbye and walks off, leaving her with the check. DeadAlex is suddenly there and yells, "Go! Go to him! Isabel, will you look at what you're doing to your life? You're stopping it. You're killing it!" Sitting here, doing this recap, it's like DeadAlex is talking right to me now. "You're, you're, you're sitting at a table with no one. I'm not really here. You need to move on. You need to move past me and you need to start now." Isabel says that if she has a son, she's naming him Alex. Okay, that came from nowhere. Alex thanks her and yells for her to go.

Isabel jumps up and knocks over a waiter and his tray. She runs out of there, with nobody paying the check. She falls into some mud and has to take off her shoes. She runs over to Jesse and says, "Okay." He's all, "Okay, what?" She says that she'll marry him. She says she knows she forced him to propose and then turned him down, but she does want to be with him and he doesn't know everything about her because she's young but she's not really young but she really wants to be with him so he should say something here. He says he'd like to kiss her in public this time. "Please do," she says. They kiss as the spinny cam catches her television orgasm. Jesse tells Isabel that he loves her. Isabel sees DeadAlex, and they stare at each other for a long time before DeadAlex fades away with a wave so that Isabel can transfer all of her emotional baggage to her new fiancé.

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