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Roswell 101

Liz sneaks back into her house just in time to catch the end of Clichéd Parental Discussion About Daughter Not Being Little Girl Anymore, including the gem, "Is this about Elizabeth, or is this about you?" Elizabeth listens, pouting near brick. Pouting Near Brick is the name of my third jazz album.

Back at the movie theater again. Same movie, I think. Oh, I get it. The movie theater is called "Roswell Revival," and tonight's movie is An American In Paris. Alex tells Isabel that if Jesse pulls a ring from his pocket, she shouldn't get all weak in the knees. She asks him not to go. He says she's on her own. Do other people see her speaking to nobody? "Eye of the tiger," Alex says. "You can do this. Just say no." He walks off, mumbling more catch phrases from the '80s. Jesse walks up and says he thought they were supposed to meet in the balcony. "Aren't we being a little risky?" he asks her. Isabel tries to cry here and then admits, "I can't do this." Jesse asks if someone found out. Isabel says, "They never will," and tries to walk away. Jesse pulls her back by the arm and tells her to hold on. He says they're just starting. Isabel tells him not to call her or to try to reach her in any way. Jesse asks again what happened, and Isabel tells him to let her go. Jesse gives a horrible line reading on: "Whatever happened, listen to me. Whatever, whatever happened, we'll get through it." That comma before "listen to me" is because he read it like one sentence instead of an interruption. She says they'll get through it if they're apart. Jesse goes on reading from every script ever about a break-up, demanding an explanation, telling Isabel that she owes him that much. She says this is going nowhere. She says she's eighteen and wants to go to college and wants a life. She rocks back and forth as her mouth doesn't fit her words. She tells Jesse that he graduated Harvard Law and could be working for the most prestigious law firm in the country, but he came here to visit his mother and then he never left. So, he's supposed to be, like, thirty-five or something? She says if he stays there, he's throwing his future away because they don't have a future. Jesse says he loves her. She says, "You can't. So don't. Just don't." And with that, Isabel gives a mighty exhale and walks away. Old Jesse just stands there, wondering what case set the precedent that aliens can't break up with middle-aged high-class lawyers. Meyers v. Voltron, I do believe, based on The Starman Case.

Isabel walks through the rain to sad music, because that's what happens when you break up. She finds dead Alex and holds him as she sobs. Issues, y'all. Fade to commercial.

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