The Departure

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Djb: C | 1 USERS: F

Max holds Liz. Michael holds Maria. Isabel has too much of the WB's virgin-whore complex still kicking, so, too damaged for a boyfriend, she paints the words "soy fifth wheel" onto her chest and goes dancing out of the frame. Max turns to Liz for the final Dreamer dénouement: "I've been really wrong about a lot. But I was right about one thing: to get you into my life. To be around you. To love you." Except that he's been totally wrong about that for the last twenty episodes. Not to mention the whole, overwhelming wrongness of it in general. Maria guesses at Michael, "You stayed for me." Yeah. What a bizarre plot device just to get him back outside. Isabel, bereft of anyone to make with the tender, is happy enough just to ruin Liz's moment, turning to Max and asking, "What happens now?" Max looks toward the sky meaningfully. "I have to save my son." Now someone give him a hand picking up those Styrofoam rocks and moving them to the new set across the street.

You guys are the best. Have a very pleasant summer, everyone.

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