The Departure

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Maria finally notes the-tapping-fingers-from-the-first-act-going-off-in-the-third and begs Kyle to stop, but before we're all "I solved 'Clue'! It was Leanna in the University with the tapping fingers!" Max and Michael amble up, and Kyle and My So-Called Sean take off with barely a hello or goodbye. Michael sits down. Max asks Liz if he can talk to her upstairs. They go inside. Oh, wait. They are in the Crashdown. Huh. I mean, we've seen outdoor seating disappear and reappear at the Crashdown before (in, I think, "The Convention"), but it was three flimsy snack tables and a saltshaker, not this al fresco Viennese lanai thing. Seriously? Where's the wall gone off to? After Liz and Max take off, Michael looks concerned and morose at Maria, who frets, "Oh, God, somebody's dead, isn't somebody?" Syntax police, arrest that dialogue! Somebody wrote that line, didn't somebody? Michael promises that no one is dead, and tells her, "I have to see you tonight." I'm not talking 'bout moving in, and I don't want to change your life. But there's a warm wind blowin', the stars are out, and I'd really love to see you tonight. Oh, fuck. England Dan stuck in my head for the entirety of Memorial Day weekend. Thanks, Michael. Well, at least it blew the seemingly indestructible "Lady Marmalade" remake out of there for three or so seconds. That song. I swear. Shut up, Pink.

Liz's room. Quiet, pensive Max (as opposed to his frequently-appearing alter ego "Floppy Shoed, Clown School Graduate Max") follows Lizbot into her bedroom and starts up right at the doorway: "You were right about Alex. He was killed by an alien. I prayed that that wasn't the case, but it was." Mope. "We're responsible." Liz, hopping on the Solid Gold Spaceship and riding it without even a safety helmet until she crash lands on Planet Short-Term Memory, sooths, "I never blamed you, Max. I never blamed any of you." So, as has been so eloquently pointed out on the forums, I guess the words "You! Are! Responsible!" mean something quite different on the five triangulated planets, and who's frying up those hypocrisy-cakes down in Crashdown kitchen, anyway? Max approaches and tells Liz he needs all the information she has on Leanna. Why? He has to "take care" of the situation. Liz tells him that she's coming with him, and after some initial resistance, Liz uses that ironclad argument, "She killed Alex!" The words "written by Jason Katims" fade up on the screen, and the planet giggles knowingly. "Written."

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