Who Died And Made You King?

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Michael, climbing up from the corner, can't believe that Max let Jesse go. Max once again tries reasoning with him, but Michael flashes his freaking chesty 'V' and is all, "It's time for you to get in line." And then, fight! And rolling around on the floor. Right. Punching. Kicking. And so it goes. Finally, Max shatters a window behind him, causing the glass to fly into Michael's eyes (but not his, for some reason) and temporarily blind him. Now Max is on top. Which is where I imagine he likes it better anyway. Michael is all bloody. Max takes his hand and puts it over the triangulated "V," taking it back into his body and miraculously regaining his position as king. Well, that wasn't very hard, was it?

Jesse and Isabel run into the underground FBI lair, and Jesse demands of Isabel, "You have two minutes. Destroy everything." Jesse then runs to find Burns in the next room, and fumes, "I told you I'd help you and you put that mic on me." That Jesse hadn't noticed? It was the size of a small pony. Doesn't the FBI have something a bit more micro than that? Jesse says he's going to file a complaint "with the central prosecutor's office, and then you're finished, Burns." I always love it when people act out scenes involving various branches of law enforcement by spewing old threats they saw on syndicated reruns of Kojak. Burns says he has enough information to finally bring them all in on, um, alien charges. A shot rings out. Jesse has shot Burns? The fuck? Isabel runs in to find the agent dead. Jesse notes, "We have to go." Now why isn't that room bugged? And why, if Burns was so close to bringing this whole thing down, aren't other people involved at this late stage?

Michael lays beached on the couch at The House That Government Subsidy Built, shirt completely open, eyes completely healed. Max tries to apologize, but Michael lets him know, "You're the king. You did what you had to do." Then he sleeps. And all is wrapped up tidily as that.

Industrial factory somewhere. Burns, dead, is in the trunk of a car, and Isabel burns him to a crisp to ensure that he won't be identified. They then watch as the car is picked up by a giant crane and crushed. Are they at the funny car races? What is this place? What's going on? The car is destroyed. Which car is it? Jesus. And then, back at home, Jesse disconsolately notes, "I killed a man." Then he watches Isabel cooking. Because he's too much of a man to cry.

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