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Roy Till Called

Previously: Doug gave Nancy fifty grand out of the Agrestic bank account to finance a buy, and Nancy began putting the band back together, plus Silas and Tara, but minus Dean, who went and crippled himself by acting like a middle-aged stereotype. Nancy lucked out when dead Peter the DEA agent turned out to be dirtier than even we knew and the agency wanted to sweep it all under the rug. Then Nancy went out and stalked Peter's ex-wife into being her new best friend. It was awesome. Also, Heylia was still around, or so the legends said.

After receiving a parade of cash returns from Sanjay, Tara, and Andy, Nancy is able to present Doug with $20K towards paying back the Agrestic account so no one catches wise. Doug, however, says that since there is no Agrestic anymore, there's really no rush in paying it back. In fact, he says, it might allow them to better expand their business, and when they're all super-rich, they'll be able to pay Agrestic back and "buy corndogs for everyone in Darfur." Nancy tells him that the folks in Darfur don't have corndogs too high on their wish lists, but Doug's point remains: let him handle the money. And rather than marinate in the pants-wetting fear that that thought should bring on, Nancy instead warns Doug to watch his back, as "Sullivan's on the warpath."

Later, Nancy makes plans with Val for a ridiculously ill-conceived play date with Shane and Tim. Once she's off the phone, Andy tells her that a "Roy Till" called for her, and after playing coy for a few moments, he says that Mr. Till is at the DEA, he wants Nancy to meet with him down at his office, and he said she'd probably have been expecting this call. The blood drains from Nancy's already pale face.

Celia's house. Isabelle reads off the laundry list of warnings, instructions, side effects, and procedures Celia is going to have to follow now that Dean is her in-house patient. And, because sometimes this show is just not interested in you unless you're degrading yourself or others, Dean shits himself and tells Celia she'll have to clean him up (it at least seems that he's wearing adult diapers), lest he develop an infection he can't fight off, thus requiring more surgeries, and thus more recovery time in Celia's house that bribery bought. Man, if Celia only knew how much of a dorkus Dean looked like while he was trying to make nice with that biker gang, she'd be even more pissed. As it stands now, she's already trying to think up ways to poison Dean without getting caught.

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