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Connect the Plots

Spangler seems satisfied by this, and orders his man to concentrate his efforts on Katherine instead. Now that we know Spangler is truly the mastermind behind everything and likely the true Evil Boss, we are not surprised when he lights up a cigarette on his way to his car, because that is what evil people on TV shows and movies do -- they smoke. Also, he has some big beefy guy as his driver/possible bodyguard. Following Spangler out the door are the Laundromat guy and Bloom, again holding his signature umbrella just in case it rains or the signal needs to be given to shoot a Kennedy. And finally, watching this all from behind a corner with sunglasses on to disguise himself is Kale. He's about as good at secretively following people as everyone else on this show is, although he does not appear to be seen by anyone. Also, this might mean that Kale is actually on Will's side and also trying to figure out what Spangler and friends are up to. I have a lot more faith in Kale to get stuff done than Will.

Katherine is all over the place today! What has she had, like, three scenes this episode? They need to stop working Miranda Richardson so hard. She shows up at MRQ Alternatives, where everything is broken down and dingy and the people who work there are sad. She walks into the middle of the factory floor and introduces herself to an audience of workers who don't give a shit before asking to speak with the man in charge. He steps forward and appears to know who she is as well as who Tom was. They head for Tom's office, which looks as nice as anything else in the place. Katherine is underwhelmed. Harold, the guy in charge, says Tom spent very little time there. At this point, Katherine asks Harold what MRQ Alternatives actually does. Harold says they "used to make clothes. Not very successfully." Well, duh. Also, if they aren't making clothes now... what are they doing? I saw a bunch of people standing in front of machines with thread on them. What are they making if not clothes?

We don't get to find out, as Katherine tells Harold she wants to be alone now. As soon as he's out of the room, Katherine starts looking through Tom's file cabinets, finding nothing of interest until she spots a locked drawer. She asks Harold for the code to open it, but he doesn't know it. No matter; Katherine takes a wild guess and uses their anniversary date. Lo and behold, the lock opens. She sends Harold away again and opens the drawer to reveal... files. Oh, and a newspaper clipping from 1989 about a CCNY Professor whose death was ruled a suicide. He shot himself in the head one morning, even though he showed no signs of being suicidal, had no history of mental illness or drugs in his system, and didn't leave a suicide note. Hmmm... that sounds familiar. Also, I like how the article states that he was found by his "teaching assistant Keith." Just Keith. No last name or first name. I want to know more about Keith.

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