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Kale then closes Will's door to talk to him about Tanya. "I haven't given her much thought," Will says, truly impressive in his ability to monitor and manage his team members. "She seems off," Kale says. "How?" Will asks. "A plethora of late nights bleeding into morning," Kale tries to spell out. "Right. Free-spirited type," Will says, still clueless. Kale explains that if Tanya is "too free with her spirits" then she's a potential security risk and won't be able to do her job as well as possible. And her job is very important to our national security. So it's a good thing we pay the people who do it so little that they can barely afford donuts and $250 charity donations. Will promises to talk to Tanya, and Kale takes his leave, being sure to tell Will that he missed one of his shirt buttons on his way out. You'd think that, at this point, Will would either start dressing like a professional or Kale would stop expecting him to, but no.

Instead of taking care of the Tanya thing immediately, Will heads down to the API library and asks to look at these White Papers we've been hearing so much about lately. His new security clearance grants him access to the special secret room behind the library, and he approaches a computer terminal and begins his search. By the way, that computer looks like it's from 1987. Will's search finds a document called "The Houston Problem" written by David Hadas. Naturally, that's the document Will is very interested in checking out. But when he goes to get the file, it's empty. He reports this to the librarian, who says this is "impossible," even though it seems to me that the White Papers are just actual papers, so there's really nothing to stop someone from taking them out of the file folder and stuffing them in his coat pocket and walking right out with them. Which is probably what happened.

Moving right along (finally!), we're in the morning meeting. Unfortunately, we're still discussing Yuri Popovich. Will wants to know why he's hanging out with George Beck, but Grant says that'll take some time, since the intel they had to trade Tanya's first born to get from Germany is all in German and won't be translated until the end of the day. If only these people used modern computers, they could just run the intel through Google Translator. As for Yuri, Miles says he is now trading Afghani heroin. Will says that makes sense from a Russian gangster like Yuri; meeting with Beck, though, does not. With that, he calls out Tanya and asks if she has any ideas. Tanya might be drunk right now, but she can still bullshit when she's put on the spot, and says they should stop looking at Yuri and focus everything on George Beck, because while they know who and what Yuri is, Beck is still very much a mystery, and that's dangerous. "All George, all the time. 100%," Tanya says.

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