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Grant seems to disagree with this, asking Tanya how she'd feel if Yuri were to sell a nuclear warhead to Osama Bin Laden while they were looking the other way at Beck. Tanya says she could live with herself, no problem. You'd think Will would have some kind of reaction to hearing the name of the man responsible for the terrorist attack that killed with wife and child, but maybe we're supposed to forget about that now that the guy who wrote that part of the show is no longer working on it. Instead, he orders Tanya to write her recommendations in a report that she will present to Spangler in his office. Spangler, the guy that no one on that team had ever even spoken to, in the office none of them had ever been in until Will's promotion? Or are we pretending that stuff was never established, too? I do, however, like how Will managed to get out of actually having a conversation with Tanya about her drinking and made her do his job for him at the same time. That's skill. Miles asks why they aren't working on stuff like this "as a team." Will says it was Tanya's idea, so she should get the credit for it -- unless she was just "blowing smoke." Oh, but that is boring intelligence analystspeak for "I dare you." Tanya accepts Will's challenge.

Well, Katherine has finally stopped walking through various homes looking sad. Instead, she's having a meeting with her financial person in the backseat of a limo, even though the guy's office or one of Katherine's homes would be a more appropriate spot. Finance Guy says he likes what he's seeing in the portfolio Katherine inherited from her dead husband -- except for MRQ Alternatives, which is one of the companies Tom left Katherine just two days before he killed himself. "It's a bad investment. A real money-loser," the guy says, desperately trying to make his clich├ęd lines sound convincing (and failing). He recommends that she sell it, but she decides to hold onto it. "Anything else?" she asks. "No, that's it," the guy says. Which means they could have simply ended the scene and moved on before that exchange, but chose to drag things out just a few seconds longer.

Then, Katherine is standing, like, in front of a waterfall installation in an office park and trying to talk to Wheeler over her cell phone over the sound of roaring water. (I think... it could be some other guy, but I have no idea who, since we've only seen Katherine interact with like two other guys on this show and one of them worked at that Chinese food restaurant last week, so...) She asks him about MRQ, but he claims to know nothing about it or why Tom would change his will to leave it to her if it was a bad investment. He recommends that she follow her finance guy's advice and get rid of it.

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