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Nothing Happens, Again
e Will sits with Miles, Grant, and Tanya. Miles is having a fit about a newspaper's small mention of "political unrest" in Nigeria that he thinks actually means a bloodbath, as it turns out that the phones are down there and the embassy has been evacuated. Will doesn't really care, telling Miles to focus on Yuri Popovich. Miles says he's "all over it," although when Will asks him for a progress report, Miles doesn't really have anything to offer and seems stung by Will's request, as he doesn't seem to understand that Will is his boss now. Tanya speaks up to say that they've identified one of the men in the photo, but don't know much about him. Grant sulks into his cup of Jell-O until Will asks him about the career day. Grant says that since he can't tell his kids what he actually does for a living, they think he's unemployed. And where do they think he goes every day wearing a suit? Please. Miles says he told his kids that he makes "secret video games." Wait, Miles has kids? How did he reproduce? I'm not buying it.

Following that boring lunch, Will heads down to NotHal's office and asks for an update. NotHal's research came up very little except a bunch of crossword puzzles in major newspapers with identical clues back in 1983. But, NotHal says, they don't seem to have any "code indications." Will tells NotHal to keep looking, as if NotHal has nothing else to do. NotHal tries to explain to Will that if he's caught doing off-the-record research for Will, he'll be fired. Will can't be bothered to figure out NotHal's real name, so he certainly doesn't care at all about whether or not he'll lose his job.

Katherine talks to one of her dead husband's friends, named Wheeler, who we also saw in that special Four Leaf Clover society meeting. She wants to know if Tom's secret townhouse was his adultery love nest, but he feigns ignorance. He thinks it might have just been a place for Tom to go during the day to "decompress," but Katherine says no -- he slept there and there was a large table and chairs where he clearly had guests over. And he had a Graham Greene novel and Katherine thought he hated Graham Greene. Wheeler has no explanation for this, so he hugs her instead. "I still don't believe you," she says. "Believe me," he says. "I don't. I really don't," she says. FASCINATING.

Will returns to his office and looks through David's stuff. He takes out a small owl figurine and puts it on the desk. I guess he figures David's widow won't miss it in her grief. Then he's looking through family photos, one of which includes Will and his tragically dead wife and daughter. He takes a moment to be sad about that before opening another box, in which he finds a typewriter. There's a sheet of paper inside, and on it are a series of letters. Will takes the paper.

And just when things couldn't get lamer, Will heads back to Ed's house. He knocks on the door and frantically tells Ed about how David parked his car in the thirteenth spot, so I guess we're back on that after not mentioning it for the first half of the show. Ed knew David well enough to know that David would never have parked there. Will says this means that either someone else parked David's car, or David was trying to tell them that something was wrong. "What?" Ed asks. "I don't know," Will says. But it's still enough to get him back into Ed's house, where he shows him the paper and asks if he can crack the code. Ed knows the type of code immediately, saying it's "old school" and each letter stands for a number, and each number stands for a page, then the line, then a word, and finally a letter in a book. Repeat the process until you have the hidden message. All they need to do is figure out which book David was using. Ed starts getting all weird and anxious as he asks Will if he "really" wants to know what that paper says. Of course he does! Then Ed admits that he was lying last time when he said he'd never seen anything like that crossword. In fact, Ed wrote a "prototype" of a code embedded in crossword puzzles back in 1983, as Will can guess because that's what NotHal already found. Ed says that David was actually the one who told him to think up a "go" code for seven people to start an operation, although Ed claims he doesn't know what that operation was supposed to be. He does know now, though, that something happened to David and that he's trying to tell them something. So, half an hour into this thing, we've got something slightly exciting!

Will returns to the office to find Kale sitting on his couch, waiting for him. He's not happy that Will left the office with that Yuri work still unfinished, and tells him that focus is important before pretending to care about how Will's first day as boss went. Will says it was "frustrating," as his team could only identify one of the men in the Yuri photo. Meanwhile, Will himself wasn't doing any of that necessary research, was he? No, he wasn't. Kale reminds Will that Spangler is expecting the information tomorrow, then leaves for the night having offered to help Will if he needs it. Maggie's lurking in the hallway, of course, and asks Will if everything is okay. Will says he thinks Kale was just "offering his moral support," then goes back into his office to actually do some work for the day. Except that he isn't, because instead of checking out Yuri Popovich, he whips out the code and the book David gave him just before he died and gets to work. After a montage of reading and circling things and opening and closing the book, Will comes up with "they hide in plain sight" and probably starts to think that he shouldn't have done all of this in this office. Idiot. Also, he put way too much work into that for the pay off he ended up getting. "They hide in plain sight," really, David? Is that the best you can do? Not even a name or two?

Will finds Maggie in her office doing whatever it is that she does, which also seems to include staying really late even though she's a Single Mom. He thanks her for her "help" today, and she asks him how it feels to get through that first day. "I'm tired," he says. He always looks tired. I'm tired, too. This show makes me want to sleep for a long time.

On his way out, Will finds Miles in his office watching the news on TV about a Nigerian uprising. He's upset because they knew this would happen and warned everyone about it, and yet, no one listened. "What's the point?" Miles wonders. Exactly, Miles. What is the point? I'd like to know before the end of the second hour of this show, please. Will shrugs that sometimes people listen to them and sometimes they don't. Clearly, in this case, they did not because no one cares about Nigeria. They have uprisings, like, all the time there! I am always getting emails from deposed Nigerian princesses whose parents were tragically killed in an uprising and now they need my help to access their fortune. So this particular uprising isn't that special. Will asks Miles to pay attention to him for a second so he can ask him once again to work on the Yuri Popovich photo. Miles yet again says he's got it under control, except not really, since he's just waiting for the CIA to call him back. Except they obviously aren't going to. FINALLY, Will steps up and takes control, turning Miles's TV off. Except then he tells him to go home and spend time with his wife and kids and not, like, do his fucking job. Miles nods, but as soon as Will is out of the office, he turns the TV back on again. He's determined to do the opposite of whatever his new boss tells him, apparently.

Will slowly makes his way home until he sees some guy in a hoodie standing on a street corner and stops. He then walks down a different street, casting a few glances over his shoulder, and crosses a street, bumping into a random woman while he does so. This causes his rabbit foot keychain to fall on the ground, and while he's bending over to pick it up, he fails to notice a taxi cab loudly swerving on the rainy street and beeping at him as it heads right for him. Even so, the taxi is a good few feet away from him when it rams into a mailbox on the corner. He dives out of the way

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