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As classical music blares on the soundtrack, Will makes himself a cup of coffee the slowest way possible. He takes a sip, then calls someone on his cell phone about meeting up tonight. The person he calls doesn't actually answer his phone (if you saw that Will was calling, would you?), so he leaves a message. He hangs up and notices a woman staring at him from the window of an adjacent building. She doesn't seem particularly embarrassed to be caught invading her neighbor's privacy, instead giving him a smile and lifting her own coffee cup. Will, of course, has no idea how to respond this, so instead of another clumsy attempt at human interaction, he gulps down the rest of his coffee, grabs his bags, and leaves.

He arrives at Grand Central Station, loaded down with bags and wearing a suit and tie for a change. Way to take Kale's advice like three weeks after he gave it, Will. Simply because this show probably paid out the ass to film on location, we have to watch Will walk around the station on his way to Track 40. Thanks, show. Now that I know what track Will's train is leaving from, my life is truly complete. And thanks for showing us that he had to walk to get there. If Will had just shown up at the track, I would have been totally lost as to which track he was on and how he got there. And I would have had an extra five minutes of my life that I now can't get back. Will meets Spangler on TRACK 40. But ... how did Spangler get there? Shouldn't we have been shown Spangler's morning ritual and walk through the train station? NOW I'LL NEVER KNOW!!! Spangler notices as Will has some difficulty juggling his newspaper, coffee cup, and various bags, then asks Will if he read a newspaper article about Sudan. Will did read that article, but didn't sense the "urgency" in the author's tone that Spangler did. He offers to read the article again, but Spangler says "oh goodness - I hope not!" And with that, Spangler is now officially the most interesting person on this show. It's not saying much, but still. I had high hopes for Tanya, but she clearly sucks. An announcement comes on the PA announcing that the train to Washington D.C. will be arriving on Track 40 in five minutes. "That's us," Spangler says, just in case you didn't get the fact that they were on Track 40 before. And on that suspenseful note, we go to the theme song, which is always the best part of this show.

Will's team, sans Will, assembles in the meeting room. Kale enters and passes out files while sighing in that disappointed asshole authority figure way of his that he's trusting them to behave themselves when their boss is away without him having to supervise them or give them detentions. "Let's put Yuri Beck aside for a moment," he says. First of all, it's Yuri Popovich and George Beck. If I have to hear their names a thousand times an episode then I'm going to care slightly when someone gets those names wrong. Although I do like how the Yuri case is so unimportant that Kale can't be bothered to know the simplest details about it.

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