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Tanya and Grant wait for Will and Miles to show up in the meeting room. Neither of them look the worse for wear after presumably getting wasted the night before, and Tanya even picked up Grant's favorite non-donuts on her way in. Will and Miles enter, and Will hands out the files and says "the trip was great. Thank you," all put out that his underlings didn't ask him how it went as soon as he entered the freaking room. Even though he knows what they were stuck doing in his absence. He's such a dick! Tanya refuses to give a shit about Will's trip and instead asks what happened with Khateb. Will reads through a file and says their recommendations were accepted, and, sure enough, Khateb's safehouse was blown up. They still don't know if they actually managed to kill Khateb, nor will they until some time has gone by and Khateb "either surfaces again or doesn't," as Will either answers or doesn't. Tanya finds this all a bit anticlimactic after what she just went through. No one says anything about whether or not any civilians were killed in the missile strike, or if Indonesia is rethinking their decision not to let Khateb simply be captured instead of blown out of existence along with a bunch of innocent citizens. And with that, Will says they're going to get back to the Yuri Popovich case. Grant starts updating the team with the latest Yuri non-developments. Instead of listening to him, Will looks out the window.

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