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Oh, no. We're back with Katherine, watching as she walks through a house, which is all she seems to do on this show. Even though she's been in the secret townhouse like seven times before, it is only now that she spots a Chinese take-out menu by a phone. OH MY GOD KATHERINE JUST FOUND A TAKEOUT MENU. THRILLING.

But then! She goes to the restaurant itself! Of course, no one is even in the place except the employees, because everything on this show is empty and horrible. Even random Chinese restaurants. Eventually, a woman greets Katherine assuming she's looking for a table for one. Katherine orders some takeout instead: moo shu pork and rice. But she's not really there for the food, of course. As the woman rings up Katherine's order, she asks if they keep records of past takeout orders. The woman says they do, and Katherine asks her to look up the address of the secret townhouse. "It's my husband," she explains, handing the woman some bribery money. Unlike Will, people actually get something from Katherine when they do things for her. The woman finds a delivery to the secret townhouse and proceeds to tell Katherine what, exactly, was ordered. Because I'm sure that's what Katherine really wants to know: what her husband ate. Katherine asks whose credit card paid for the two meals. "James Wheeler," the woman says. So now Katherine knows what we already knew and Katherine suspected: that Wheeler was lying when he said he didn't know anything about the secret townhouse. At this rate, Katherine will have this whole thing figured out sometime in the year 2056. Will is on schedule for 2055.

Will's team checks out surveillance photos of Khateb's safehouse. There are several armed guards stationed on the roof, but Tanya wants to know what's in an adjacent building. Miles says it appears to be an apartment building, no doubt chock full of innocents, and is, of course, close enough to the safehouse that its occupants will probably be killed along with Khateb in a missile strike. Miles sticks a math compass on the picture for like two seconds and is somehow able to estimate that "between 10 and 100 civilians" are in the missile's strikezone. He then admits that he's just pulling that number out of his ass, so I don't even know why he bothered saying it at all. He does, however, have new photos of the safehouse site that he was apparently keeping from Tanya and Grant until the best possible dramatic moment: they show a bunch of children hanging out right in front of the safehouse site. "Maybe those kids don't actually live in the building," Grant says hopefully. Tanya walks out. "I don't remember it being this hard last time," Miles sighs. "We had Will and [David]," Grant says; "and no girls." I'm pretty sure the children in that photo have a more mature attitude about relationships with the opposite sex than Grant does. "She must hate us," Miles says. Well, yeah, probably. Since you've gone out of your way to make her feel unwelcome and unqualified, she probably does hate you. "It's her first time," Grant says, as if he had nothing to do with creating a hostile work environment. "I hate us," Miles says. I, too, hate them. Between that and Katherine's Chinese take out revelation, we've gotten three times more accomplished in this episode than usual.

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