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Raders Of The Lost Narc
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A full minute of previouslies seems like kind of a lot for a second episode, but there we are. Also, they sneak in two snippets that weren't even in last week's episode: Hannah asks Henry if he's scared, and he answers, "Aren't you?" And Tommy asks Paul if he's not going to be a lawyer, and Jim says no. Helpful. Now I feel I have a much more complete picture of the situation than just watching last week's episode provided.

In the early morning, Paul's out in the country, uncertainly emptying a revolver into a tree from twenty paces. Yeah, you can totally tell he's from the city; most people in the Midwest prefer to use an axe.

Shortly thereafter, Paul pulls the RaderMobile -- sporting new Iowa plates, 9B6 LAV -- into the driveway. Inside the house, Lily and Tommy are practicing spelling words before school, and Tommy enjoys a victory over the silent "w" in "wrench." Paul arrives inside just in time to share in this triumph, and Tommy asks where he was. Paul says he was out buying milk. "See? Milk," he overcompensates, like Tommy's going to ask him, "Are you sure you weren't out going all John Woo on some defenseless maple?" Lily picks up the milk carton and heads into the kitchen with it, promising pancakes. Which Tommy is surprised she knows how to make. Okay, so Lily can't cook. She used to order in. We know. You may think you get it, but you won't until a bit later.

Inside the kitchen, Lily stashes the milk carton in the fridge with several others that are already in there. Just in case we don't get that Paul has been running quite a few predawn errands, he joins her in the kitchen for a sotto voce confab. She asks if he got "the phones" and "the license plates," which he did. He adds that he got a gun. Lily doesn't look too pleased, but after a long pause, she just says, "Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes." What else is she going to say? He's got a gun now. Maybe she'd better make it eight.

Full-length title sequence now, which is basically a series of before/after shots of the Raders, and their license plates. Dramatic. I'm also sorry to say that the theme song is not by Bon Jovi.

And we go right from that into the Raders' attic, where Paul has done what every self-respecting protagonist on a show with a conspiracy in it does: he's papered an entire wall with random documents relating to the mystery. I assume these are printouts of Erin's secret emails, among other things. He squares off against the wall and scans over all the messages with names like "Kacelera" and "Tannen" and "Kensington." Paul zeroes in on a Post-it with the names "Tannen" and "Erin" written on it, with arrows going between them. A clue! Which he wrote himself, but a clue's a clue. Then he's holding in his hand a newspaper clipping with the headline "Attorney Rader Charged With Murder of Associate." I don't know why it's in his hand instead of on the wall; maybe he ran out of pushpins. In any case, it triggers a flashback, in which Paul goes over to Erin's apartment, finds the lady of the house bleeding out from a slashed throat, and dials 911. Not much we haven't seen before, except this time we see that Paul knocked and found the door unlocked, which answers the burning (okay, smoldering -- okay, rather frosty) question of how he got into Erin's apartment when she would have been more worried about her open carotid than opening her door. Back in the present, Paul looks sad.

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