Identity Crisis

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Raders Of The Lost Narc

Back in Chicago, the RaderMobile screeches to a stop outside the next subway station. Paul manages to catch the train this time, nearly losing an arm in the process. He looks around, and Tannen's suddenly in the same car with him. Tannen's holding his arm across his middle in a way that doesn't seem to register with Paul at all. "Get out of here," Tannen tells Paul, pushing past. "We're not safe." Paul looks in the direction Tannen came from, and then follows his contact. He runs into some woman and loses him, but then grabs some guy from behind that he thinks is Tannen, even though the wrong guy is wearing a completely different-colored jacket from Tannen's. Amazingly, Paul doesn't get the crap beat out of him. Must be that intimidating stocking cap he's wearing. Eventually, Paul realizes that Tannen doubled back and is behind him. Paul corners him and peppers him with questions, but Tannen's not talking: "You have everything you need to know." Paul gets rough, and Tannen's jacket swings open to reveal that he's been bleeding from one side. "This didn't exactly go according to plan," Tannen understates. Enter the plan-disruptor himself: a scowling hulk who's bleeding from his scalp. So at least Tannen put up a fight. The bad guy goes at Tannen, but Paul intervenes, just as the train comes to a stop and Tannen dashes out onto the platform and vanishes into the crowd. Paul manages to beat the bad guy down onto the floor of the train, and then stupidly turns his back on him and stands out on the platform, hollering, "Tannen!" Fortunately for Paul, the bad guy isn't a backstabber, and Paul is able to grab the man's knife arm when he reaches over Paul's shoulder for an attempted poke to the chest. Paul manages to get the guy to drop his knife, and then hurls him back onto the train just as the doors close again. Presumably, the fights in Paul's former life weren't all in the courtroom.

Back at home, Henry steps out of the front door with an umbrella for Sam. Looks like she helped him to get Hannah home, and now she's sitting on the porch swing, out of the rain that has since commenced. "Were you really in the hurricane?" she asks skeptically. Henry's actually pretty convincing when he says that he was. But Sam's ace reporter instincts were aroused by Hannah's drunken ramblings, so Henry falls on that particular sword and says that he was the one who got in trouble. "So you do want to start over," Sam realizes. "Well, you're lucky you can." Even Henry realizes that remark has to do with Jake. So then they decide not to ask each other any more questions. Sam says that she knows one thing about Henry: "You're a pretty good brother."

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