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Raders Of The Lost Narc

Back at U.S. Marshals HQ, Huntley is still staring at that map of the United States. "Holy shit," she's thinking. "Wyoming is almost a perfect square." Before she can fully savor this investigative breakthrough, Raj interrupts by bringing her a CD-ROM with all of the fingerprints from the original Casa Rader burned onto it. Raj points out that the kids' fingerprints will only work if one of them gets arrested, like, come on, what are the chances of that? But he doesn't even get to do the fun AFIS search, because Huntley wants to do that herself. Poor Raj is stuck setting up interviews with everybody the Raders know. Raj needs a new boss. To his credit, I suspect that he might be starting to realize it.

Henry's such a gentleman that he set Hannah up in his own room last night. On the floor at the foot of his bed, but still. I guess Henry misses the family dog. Hannah somehow wakes up early on her own and breathes, "Oh my God." From under the covers, Henry's answering moan is "Do not throw up on me." Hannah's completely slung over, and actually looks it, but isn't too far gone to thank Henry for rescuing her the previous night. He gives her another little lecture about being herself and tells her, "You almost blew our cover." "So did you," Hannah points out. "Yeah," Henry admits, "but you were much lamer in the process." Game, set, and match to Henry. I like how the scene ends with them irritated at each other again. No hugging! They probably smell bad anyway.

Cut to the whole family, minus Paul, walking to Tommy's school for the spelling bee. So this is a Saturday morning, then? Tommy's all excited, but he's wondering if Paul will make it back. Way to dis the three people who are actually joining you, kid. Lily tries to shut him up by having him stick an inhaler in his mouth, and Tommy asks a rare, intelligent question by wondering if Lily got the job at the hospital to get his medicine. Lily claims that she thinks it'll be fun. Hannah points out that Lily never worked before, and Lily, rather than smacking her daughter's smart mouth, says she's trying to blend in. ["She never worked and she couldn't cook? The hell did she do all day? Eh, forget it, I don't care." -- Wing Chun] "People change," says Lily. Tommy asks if Paul will change. Nobody answers.

Meanwhile, as the musical montage begins, Paul's driving back from Chicago, looking like he's about to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Lily and the fam are crowded into Tommy's classroom with a bunch of other parents as the teacher introduces the spelling bee.

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