Identity Crisis

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Raders Of The Lost Narc

Paul looks like he's about to drive off the road. Spell "soporific." Spell "somnolent." Spell "narcoleptic." It's actually kind of a clever touch. "See?" the show is saying to the audience. "Look how sleepy you could be."

One of Tommy's classmates manages to negotiate "cobweb" and "accident"... Paul pulls up in front of the Bridgewater police station.

Watching the spelling bee, Hannah gets a text message from Brady asking if she's okay. He signed it, even though it's got his name next to it. That'd earn him a note in our forums, right there. Hannah smiles and closes the phone without answering.

Paul enters the police station and does some fast talking with the desk sergeant... another of Tommy's classmates spells "ceiling" as "S-E-E-Aw, crap." He was so close, too. Finally, Tommy's turn comes up, and Paul's belated entry gives him just the inspiration he needs to spell "battle." Paul slips Henry a folded piece of paper, which turns out to be Henry's fingerprints. "Twenty hours of community service," he whispers. Henry starts to ask Paul how he did it, but stops himself and remembers, "We're not talking about this here." I think Paul's the one doing a community service, by getting Henry to shut up for a while. Tommy, meanwhile, is spelling "significance." At what kind of spelling bee does each contestant spell all his words at once?

Speaking of being sleepy, Huntley has apparently spent the whole night searching for fingerprint matches on the database, and finally comes up empty. She looks crushed. A perfectly good lacrosse stick, all smudged up for naught.

Poor Tommy, who nearly biffed "wrench" yesterday, is now being forced to spell "encyclopedia" as Paul and Lily kiss each other hello. Paul admits that what he found is "not much." But the good news is that Tommy's won the spelling bee. Everyone claps as Tommy gets a ribbon pinned to his shirt, and then runs to hug his dad, who showed up late and spent the whole time he was there whispering to the people who were there to see Tommy. Get a clue, kid. The teacher comes up to meet Tommy's family, and it's kind of a sweetly normal moment, even as they're all giving their fake names. After shaking the teacher's hand, Paul's hand happens to drop into his outer jacket pocket, where he finds something unfamiliar. He pulls out a keychain shaped like a miniature purple surfboard with a single key attached to it. That triggers a flashback to his encounter with Tannen on the train, as he realizes that his contact must have secretly slipped the key into his pocket as he pushed past. "You have everything you need to know," we're reminded of Tannen saying to Paul a few seconds later. Paul stands there, wondering what's next.

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