Identity Crisis

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Raders Of The Lost Narc

Apparently, Tommy's new school is so limited in resources that you actually have to try out for the spelling bee. But he "made it," and his teacher says he must have had a good teacher at his old school. She asks where that is, and Tommy chokes. Literally. He answers, "Philadelphia. I mean, New Orleans." And then he panics and goes into an asthma attack. Well, that's one way to avoid awkward questions. Maybe Lily shouldn't be so generous with the inhaler.

Cut to the hospital, where Lily hurries into the emergency room. Naturally, the nurse on duty is her next-door neighbor, Mary. Aaand the town just got smaller again. The camera tries to be all ER as it follows Lily and Mary into Tommy's curtain area, where the kid has an oxygen mask strapped to his face. Paul arrives just seconds later and asks what happened. Tommy sheepishly pulls away the mask and confesses, "Mrs. Eldridge asked where I was from and I forgot." He asks if Paul's mad, and Paul says he isn't. Like he's afraid if he yells, Tommy's throat will close up again. Dude, the mask is right there. If you're going to get mad, now's the time. Instead, Paul leads Lily out into the hall for an urgent conversation. "Hang tough," Paul tells his youngest, neglecting to add, "Whoa-oh-oh-OH-oh."

Out in the hallway with Lily, Paul asks for the car keys and explains why he's going to Chicago tonight. She's skeptical that someone who would tell him "Stay lost or your family dies" wants to help them, despite Paul's valiant attempts to retcon it into a warning instead of a threat. Paul plays the "guilty me" card, saying that he doesn't want his son to keep ending up in the hospital because he's such a shitty liar. Eventually, Lily gives in and tells Paul to be careful. Of course she lets him have his way; he's the one with the gun. "It's a seven-hour drive to Chicago," Paul says, and she hands over the key to the van. Enjoy the walk home with your wheezing eight-year-old, Lily.

Meanwhile, Henry's at the liquor store, wandering around, doing his best to look nonchalant. If only that polo shirt collar went higher. Finally he sets a couple of vodka bottles next to the cash register, remembering to grab a bunch of bananas as a diversion. The clerk asks for Henry's ID, and then asks someone else in the store, "Hey, Joe, what do you think of this ID?" Do I even have to tell you that Joe is a cop? Nice recon work, Henry. I only wish it were the same cop who pulled over Lily last week, but it's not.

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