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Raders Of The Lost Narc

Cut to Henry getting herded out of a squad car into the police station, which conveniently occurs just as Paul is driving by. It'll be interesting to see what his next move is. It's not like he can just walk right into the police station and fix it, under the circumstances.

After the commercial break, we see Paul walking right into the police station to fix it. After ascertaining that Paul is Henry's father, the desk sergeant asks him, "Did you know he has a fake ID?" Paul is not faking his anger when he unhappily responds that he didn't know. Good thing Tommy isn't there to say "Yeah, my dad gave it to him." Paul's also not calling upon hidden acting skills when he yells at Henry in front of the cops, borrows a pair of scissors, and makes Henry cut up the ID right there. Paul sweeps the fragments into his hand and apologizes to the cops, assuring them that it'll never happen again. "Let's go," he tells Henry, herding him toward the door. Which doesn't work, because the cops insist on fingerprinting Henry. Nice try, Paul.

Back at the Raders' old house in Potomac, Maryland, Huntley's putting a group of crime-scene geeks to work looking for clues about the family. Raj calls her up on her handheld videophone because he's found out how she knows Paul from before -- it's because he happened to be the defense attorney for some notorious embezzler that Huntley caught years ago. Which explains why she still has a personal hard-on for Paul now. Apropos of nothing, Huntley exposits that Paul was quite the party host at his house. She's just now arriving in Henry's room, where she orders, "Dust that lacrosse stick." Dude, I'm sure they were getting to it. Micromanager, much?

Meanwhile, Henry's still leaving his fingerprints elsewhere -- namely, on a card in the Bridgewater police station. Paul looks on, worried and pissed. Are you getting how bad this could be?

Father and son come storming out of the police station, but Paul doesn't have time to yell at Henry right now. "We're not going to talk about this here," he insists, telling Henry to take the five-minute walk straight home: "And don't say anything to your mother. She's got enough stress as it is." And I'm sure she'll appreciate Paul keeping more secrets from her after having to go on the lam as a result of an illicit affair he had.

So after a full day at school and then hanging out at football practice afterward, Hannah has also found time to pull a shift behind the register where Amber works. Anything to keep the town from getting too big. Brady wanders in, and Hannah offers to get Amber from the back room, but Brady's cool with waiting. Because he's got a little thing for Hannah, in case you haven't picked up on it. And if you didn't before, you will now, as he accuses Hannah of having seen him naked through their windows. Hannah denies it, but even Brady is unconvinced. Amber comes in, and Brady tells her what happened. "By accident," Hannah insists, so Brady is all, "J'accuse!" Except the only French he knows is "Hah!" Amber's clearly bothered by this, but she tries to play it off as a joke. "Cute butt, right?" she says. Oh, Amber. Just ask Hannah to set you up with her brother and everyone will be happy. Well, except Henry.

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