Identity Crisis

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Raders Of The Lost Narc

Paul has reached Chicago. He parks the minivan at the curb -- no problem finding a spot, of course, although he clips a random trash bag in the gutter, because it's still Chicago -- and dashes down the stairs into the Monroe Street Station. Where the clock reads 1:36 AM. Cutting it close, are we? Or maybe he just couldn't pass up that I-80 truck stop. Paul dashes through the station, jumps the turnstile, and reaches the platform just in time to see the doors on the CTA train close. As the train goes into motion, Paul spots the face of a bespectacled man in a green jacket looking back out at him as he passes. "You moron," that face is saying. "Hey, Tannen!" Paul yells, like Tannen could step off the train if he wanted to at this point. Paul checks the wall map for the next station on the train's route, runs back up to the van, and hops back in. Amazingly, the RaderMobile has been neither ticketed, booted, towed, stripped, or stolen in the sixty seconds he left it alone. In fact, some friendly soul even turned its headlights off. ["Hey, it's still the midwest!" -- Wing Chun]

Hannah, meanwhile, has dipped into the vodka at the party and is holding court in front of a group of kids that includes Brady and Amber. She's talking about some party at the old house, where she claims to have been "completely wasted." Henry happens to wander past just in time to hear Hannah say that she decided to take off all her clothes, which triggered a nudity epidemic. Henry obligingly flashes back to the actual party, at which, of course, he was the one who stripped to his boxers and jumped into the indoor pool, quickly followed by Kylie and all their drunk friends. And then he looked upstairs, to where Hannah was just standing there watching. Back in the present, Hannah, wide-eyed, demands of her auditors, "Isn't that insane?" "It's not that insane," Amber Voice-of-the-Recappers. Brady's just standing there grinning at the thought of Hannah in her underwear. Apparently, Hannah accurately described their old house in her story, which prompts Amber to observe, "You guys, like, majorly downsized to move here." Hannah starts to get tangled up, but instead of reminding everyone that hurricanes, you know, break things, she starts to say something about how her family got into trouble and "just...left." Finally, Henry steps in: "Okay, party's over! Awesome!" he says heartily, steering Hannah away. Brady wants Hannah to stay, but Amber's fine with her leaving. Hannah calls Henry a buzzkill, Henry calls Hannah an idiot, and they're out of there.

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