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This week's episode of Touch is brought to you by the number 3287.

Jake VOs about the three million species living in tropical rain forests. One of them is the red fire ant, which has the ability to survive floods by grabbing onto each other to create a living raft. Elsewhere in the world, a woman is helped onto the back of a pickup truck somewhere in a South Africa township somewhere (I think we can all assume it's Soweto, as this show is all about the invisible connections between the billions of people who live in places everyone has heard of), a dewy schoolgirl sends a text and looks happy and excited, a scroungy guy adjusts a newspaper on the sidewalk outside an apartment building for someone to pick up shortly thereafter, and another woman stands on a roof overlooking the city while Jake's VO goes on about how beings with no words are able to figure these things out and call to each other for help. It's all very symbolic and profound and this way David Mazouz gets paid for having a speaking role.

Early in the morning, Kiefer is awakened on his couch by a cell phone call from the clinic. Kiefer quickly recognizes the sound of Jake not talking on the other end, and goes rushing over. In the hallway, he runs into Clea. Yep, her name is Clea and not Claire, as I've been thinking this whole time until I finally turned on closed captions. I'm surprised I didn't hear about it earlier from the show's legion of rabid fans. Anyway, she's surprised to see him for some reason and not entirely convinced that it was Jake calling him, seeing as how all the kids are supposed to be asleep. Does Clea live there, then? Kiefer argues that all this evaluation crap is moot now that his son is communicating with him, but Claire says they need to be careful anyway, because we have to have some kind of manufactured conflict. But she agrees to let Kiefer see him, although of course when Kiefer opens the door to Jake's room, the kid's gone. They both go running through the halls looking for him, and find him downstairs bolding the number 3287 in his book. Clea insists on taking Jake back to his room, but before going, Jake slips a piece of paper into Kiefer's jacket pocket. Once they're gone, Kiefer pulls it out and unfolds a torn-out page with an illustration of a dragon and the number 3287 written on it. "What the hell does that mean?" Kiefer wonders aloud. As always.

Kiefer goes over to Teller's place earlier in the episode than usual, and this time they're in the dining room, so the relationship is progressing. This week's conversation is about Kiefer and whether he really has to keep chasing down all these numbers for Jake. Teller says the numbers both point to disorder in the universe, and reflect Jake's pain, so Kiefer has no choice but to go after them. Kiefer's concern is that the state will take Jake away if he keeps up with this. Teller offers to help, but Kiefer tactfully says they already think he's crazy enough. Teller warns Kiefer about Jake's higher purpose. "And believe me, you won't be the only one who notices it." Yes, but most of those other people just never bothered to turn off the tube after American Idol.

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