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Mister Fixit

In Soweto, the woman from the opening has just completed a standardized test on a computer and then hands in her paper. Yes, I know that makes no sense. Her name is Grace and she tells the proctor, Baruti, that she hopes to get a job. He's optimistic on her behalf, but not too much for her absent friend Sauda. As she leaves, a couple of boys in subtitled "African Dialect" loudly discuss the bottle cap one of them is leaving on the windowsill to keep the latch from engaging, presumably for some later B&E. That would be "breaking and exposition."

At the clinic, Jake walks into a room where a screen is showing something called "Worldwide Dance Battle." I'm not going to explain it because it makes no damn sense. Meanwhile, the schoolgirl from earlier is at some outdoor festival talking too much to the guy taking her ticket when she really just needs to get directions to the tent with the dance battle already. Apparently she's meeting someone there. Nobody cares.

Kiefer's walking along the sidewalk when a homeless lady runs up behind him, bumps past him, and darts out in front of a cab. Kiefer's the only one on the crowded sidewalk with the presence of mind to yell, "Watch out!" but she still gets flipped onto the street like a pancake that's wearing too many layers. Kiefer's the first to reach her sprawled on the pavement and yells for someone to call 911. While he and a passing nurse attend to the victim, Kiefer notices that scroungy guy stealing a notebook out of the woman's bag, and chases after him. Because making sure the homeless woman has her notes is more important than any internal injuries she might have.

The schoolgirl has made it to the dance battle tent, where a teeming crowd of nearly a hundred watches some faceless dancer up on a stage calling himself The Beastmaster "defend" his "world title" against some random matchup on a computer screen. Schoolgirl sends a "Where R U?" text and generally looks out of place. As anyone would, in an event that is completely nonsensical. At least the ceiling looks sturdy for when the gravity inevitably gives out.

Grace is back at the township, trying to get her friend Sauda to come out of her corrugated shack. Sauda's neighbor exposits about Sauda making time with a big idiot named Fumbe until Sauda herself comes out, looking somewhat beat up. Grace tells her to take the test she just took so they can go to the City together. There is no time for details on Touch, y'all. While they're discussing this, Fumbe comes out all pissed off and hostile, threatens Grace and pushes her to the ground, and looks to do more until Sauda coaxes him back inside. Wow, this is a complicated situation with no easy resolution.

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