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Mister Fixit

Kiefer catches up with the notebook thief under a bridge and he's pretty surprised that Kiefer can see him, what with him being invisible and all. Then why were you running, brain trust? Kiefer's like, nope, I can see you and I saw you take that book. The guy says she took it from him, and to prove it he shows its contents to Kiefer. Turns out the number 3287 is all over every page. Forgetting all about the woman whose property he was gallantly trying to retrieve, Kiefer compares this to Jake's book, who he's talking to. The man says he's "The Invisible Prince. That's my ledger, and I'm late for my rounds." As Kiefer keeps flipping through the pages, he also sees drawings of a castle and a king. The Prince says it's all connected and he only has 14 minutes. "You can come with me but we have to leave right now." Kiefer asks what 3287 means. "It means the dragon is loose," says the Prince "We have to stop it." He runs off again while Kiefer looks at the page Jake slipped him earlier -- in addition to the number 3287, it has a color illustration of a dragon. Could there be some connection?

Kiefer catches up with the Prince to try to grill him about numbers and messages, telling him about Jake and wondering if it started when the Prince was young. He also adds that Jake is ten, which is odd since Jake himself has told us he was born in October 2000. The Prince just yammers about the thread being too tight and rushes off again. I don't think the thread is the only thing that's too tight with this guy.

At the clinic, Clea is wasting Jake's time with some animal-noise flashcards. Jake's more interested in the toy car he's playing with. Claire kind of crosses a line by snatching it away and holding it in front of her face to try to get some eye contact, but Jake just reclaims the car without looking at her and leaves the room. He rolls the car along the wall, all the way down the back hallway to door 6, that same door that seemed to fascinate him last week. Claire wonders why that door is special. Because Jake just rolled the toy car under it, that's why. Now he's got no car, but on the other hand Clea's got no leverage for her cheap tricks.

Grace sees some boys dancing and sticks her nose into their business. Apparently their plan is to sneak into the computer lab so one of the boys, Thabo, can get online and compete against the Beastmaster in the Worldwide Dance Battle. This competition makes less sense the more we learn about it. Grace is a total buzzkill, saying Thabo needs to read and write. Apparently Grace's brother is a side member of Soweto's Best Dance Crew, holding the coveted position of playing Grace's cooking pot, which she grumpily reclaims. He whines, "You used to be one of us." Before they were born? Because they're a good fifteen years apart in age.

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