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Mister Fixit

Kiefer pursues the Invisible Prince (who is neither invisible nor Prince. Discuss) to an intersection where he spots a woman, whispers "3287," and taps the button for the walk sign just before the woman distractedly crosses the street. The Prince says that was too close and rushes off to his next appointment while Kiefer wonders what he's missing. The Prince sticks a rose from a flower stand onto a bus bench while Kiefer tries to quiz him and talk about Jake some more. "I think he wants me to help you somehow." "He wants you to stop the pain," the Prince says, while a woman sits on the bus bench and sniffs the flower. Kiefer watches that moment before following the Prince while he stares at an apartment building called the Claremont. "Who lives here?" Kiefer asks nosily. No answer, and soon they're hurrying down the sidewalk again. Kiefer asks about the dragon. The Prince says he tried to give the king the magic sword needed to kill it, but the king thought it was a trick and buried it behind stone walls in "the mountain of Clare." Not catching that particular snap, Kiefer still plays along, asking if the Prince can get it back. "You don't know much about magic swords, do you?" The Prince snots. "I can't even touch it." Kiefer starts getting grumpy and demanding more information, like the Prince asked for him to show up, but suddenly he realizes that the woman from the crosswalk and the woman from the bus bench are converging outside a building across the street. Kiefer asks what it means that these two women are together at the same place at the same time, but gets no answer again. Then he notices the building the women just entered has a dragon insignia above the entrance and the name Morton-Starling, so he heads right over to get to the bottom of this. Which should be easy enough, right?

The schoolgirl is realizing she's been stood up, probably by using her phone to follow a trail of clues leading to an innocent photo of some older dude with another chick. Then who should roll up but those two irritating Japanese escorts, the most annoying part of a show that has so very many annoying aspects. Conversing via one of the escorts' voice translation app on her phone, the schoolgirl gets weepy about how she traveled hundreds of miles to meet someone she met online and now she's out of luck. Then all three of them are handed strawberry martinis they didn't order, so I guess schoolgirl is older than she looks. Then the escorts invite her to go watch "The Mortician" with them. She begs off, but they take off and leave the aforementioned phone on the bar. Schoolgirl picks it up and finds the video of the Irish singer Kayla from the pilot. Wait, didn't that phone end up on Chris Raq's suicide bomber's vest? This show is getting dumber by the minute.

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