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Mister Fixit

Kiefer catches up with the two women at the elevator inside the building, and overhears a conversation between them that sounds like something to do with a class-action suit. The woman from the crosswalk talks about voting to settle, but bus-bench lady is more optimistic, saying they have to stick together, even though nobody's heard from Roger King's representatives. Kiefer follows them up to an office and nearly into a conference room, but almost gets stopped at the door until he pretends to be there to represent Roger King. Just as he's about to sign in, some slick young guy shows up and identifies Kiefer as the reporter he used to be. Kiefer in turn recognizes Rush Middleton, who apparently was his apprentice back in the day. Rush tells Kiefer to back off his story, but then dares him to try to get Roger King to talk, offering to share the byline with him if he gets anything from him. Kiefer leaves with the card Rush wrote King's address on: 3287 Avondale. There's that 3287 number again. And that's apparently what it took to realize that Roger King might be the king the Invisible Prince was talking about. Kiefer is going to have to get better at this.

At the clinic, Clea flags down the director, Sheri, to ask who's in room 6, but she's told it's empty. Then she gets a cell phone call from her mom's old number again, just like in the pilot. She answers, but judging from her end, it's an urgent call from some official entity.

Kiefer heads to the address Rush Middleton gave him and buzzes the apartment marked "King," asking to speak to Roger King. The voice at the other end says Roger King is dead and he's his son Charlie. He wants no part of the class-action suit against Morton-Starling, and cuts off Kiefer's incoherent offer to help. Belatedly, Kiefer notices that he's at the Claremont -- the mountain of Clare, with the stone walls. He clearly hasn't played many adventure games on the computer. Kiefer goes back to the intercom and asks, "Do you know anything about the Invisible Prince?" That's enough to get him buzzed in.

Up in the apartment, Charlie tells Kiefer that the Invisible Prince is a character from a story that his dad Roger used to tell Charlie and his brother Walt. I think we just figured out who Kiefer's Invisible Prince is. Kiefer seems to pick up that thread too, for once, so he asks about Walt. Sure enough, Charlie describes a genius with numbers who grew up to be an accountant at Morton-Starling, where he invented some new financial product. Kiefer wants to get online right now to research it. So Charlie gets up to kick his son off the computer, and makes him log off right before he's about to go up against the Beastmaster in Worldwide Dance Battle. Right there in the living room. As if that's not dumb enough, it means 4Soweto is up. Yep, that's Grace's little brother, who is breaking into the computer lab along with his friends, just in time to learn they're up next. But Thabo's not there for some reason, so Grace's little brother is going to have to be the Beastmaster's next challenger. I can't even believe I'm wiring this.

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