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An Affair To Remember, If You Don't Have Amnesia

Sam's V.O. tells us that when a waiter brings you a hot plate and tells you not to touch it, you inevitably want to touch it right away. Todd and Sam are making out in his apartment (which is really hers). Todd throws Sam to the couch, and she asks him if he heard something. He freaks out that it could be Chloe coming home, but it was just Sam's back cracking. They make out some more and there's the sound of a key in the lock. They panic and freak out, and then Todd rushes to the door to head off Chloe. Except it's not Chloe; it's Frank, delivering a package because Todd told him he wouldn't be home. Frank sees that Sam is hiding under the sofa cushions. Sam: "Don't judge me, Frank." Frank: "Oh, that ship sailed a long time ago."

Coffee shop. Sam is telling Dena and Andrea all about her trystus interruptus with Todd. Sam tells Dena that her heart is still racing from fear of Chloe, and presses Dena's hand to her chest. Dena: "I'm kind of creeped out by the fact that there's something in our chest pumping blood." Andrea's theory is that Sam loves the danger of cheating with a man who already has someone; she points out that Sam wasn't interested in Todd until he had a girlfriend. Andrea's other theory is that if she owned the coffee shop, she could double their business. Dena thinks that sounds great, and wants to be her partner. Andrea: "Oh, yeah, and we could live above the store and have great adventures together." Sam continues to deny being a danger freak while Andrea and Dena have parallel fantasies about owning the coffee shop. Andrea's fantasy is to fire everyone; Dena's fantasy is to name the place "Andena." Sam ends up deciding that she may be a danger freak after all. And she's surprisingly comfortable with that.

Newly residence. Sam is leaving a message for Todd, telling him to meet her on a bridge at noon. She panics at the end with the thought that Chloe might hear the message. Regina enters, all dressed up, with all of her assets on display. She seems to have forgotten that Sam is unemployed, because she's surprised to see her at home. Regina is evasive about her plans, claiming that she's playing bridge and/or golf with "the gals." Gals whose names Regina does not know.

Sam is waiting on the bridge when Todd arrives, sweaty and late. She asks him where he's been -- he tells her that his story to Chloe was that he was going to play basketball, and he actually played a game to enhance the verisimilitude of his story. He needed to make it look real because when Chloe asked, he couldn't even remember the names of his friends, coming up with "Lancelot" as the only name he could think of. They're about to make out, when Sam realizes that Todd's story sounds an awful lot like Regina. She decides that Regina must be having an affair. Credits.

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