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A Very Merry Un-Birthday To You

Sam enters Gwendolyn's room. She's quite an old woman, and she's asleep. There's a picture of Chloe on the table next to her bed. Sam: "You are a worthy adversary, indeed." Sam pulls back the sheet to ... I don't know, look at Gwendolyn's wristband maybe? An orderly enters and asks her if she needs more time. She doesn't. So he pulls the sheet up over Gwendolyn's head. Because she's dead. Sam is shocked, and pretends to cry. As the orderly leaves, Sam goes for the wristband again. And then Chloe enters, so Sam drops to her knees and pretends to pray. Chloe asks what Sam is doing there, and Sam tells her that despite their differences, she wanted to be there for Chloe in her hour of need. And then the orderly wheels a middle-aged woman into the room. She's Chloe's Aunt Wendy. Painfully bad scene.

Frank is at his post in front of Todd's building when Dena walks up. She tries to butter him up by telling him how gratifying his job must be, since he's such an important part of everyone's lives. Frank: "There's talk of replacing me with a motion-sensing mat." Heh. Dena: "You like birthday cake?"

Newly house. Sam is leaving a message for Todd telling him that she thinks he shouldn't break up with Chloe while her aunt is sick. Howard enters. He's upset because he went to pick up his suit at the dry cleaner and they made fun of how out of style it was. It's kind of a brown and beige checkered number. He goes off, and the doorbell rings. Sam answers -- it's Chloe. She knows it's odd that she just dropped by unannounced, but she found Sam's address while going through Todd's computer the week before. Heh. Todd just broke up with Chloe, and she really needs a friend right now. And Sam is nominated. Commercials.

Sam and Chloe are still together. Sam is unsure that she's really the right person to be comforting Chloe, but Chloe tells her that Sam coming to the hospital to support her was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. Really? My condolences. Chloe thinks she may have misjudged Sam. Sam tries to get rid of Chloe by telling her that she looks great, and she must be sadder about her aunt than she is about Todd. Except that Chloe doesn't really care that much about the aunt. Then Howard comes by to tell Sam, "I can't go to this thing tonight looking like a hayseed. So I'm off to the suit barn."

Andrea's kitchen. Andrea files her nails with a potato peeler, stunned at the sight of Regina cooking. Regina promises to clean everything up, but Andrea's really shocked because she didn't realize it was a functioning kitchen. Regina: "Oh, come on, you must have cooked breakfast for hundreds of young men." And then they kind of bond. Regina is envious of Andrea's life of restaurants and clubs and business travel. And Andrea confesses to once a year buying Good Housekeeping, for the issue with 100 holiday ideas. That's Regina's favorite issue. Regina thinks Andrea could make the kitchen fun to use by hanging a pot rack over the stove. Andrea can't see herself doing that, and Regina confesses that Howard does those things for her. Andrea thinks having a man with a tool-belt is hot, and decides that she should get one of her own. Regina: "Howard has shingles."

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