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A Very Merry Un-Birthday To You

Newly house. Chloe is telling Sam about how Todd broke up with her. She tells Sam that she's certain he's seeing someone else. Sam thinks Chloe couldn't possibly know that. But Chloe knows because that's what Todd always does -- waits to dump a girl until he's already started seeing someone else. He did it when he left his previous girlfriend for Sam, and he did it to Sam by seeing Chloe for a couple of weeks before breaking up with Sam. Well I'll be damned. Commercials.

The party has started at Andrea's mostly empty apartment. Howard and Dena stand around the food. Regina walks up with another platter. She's disappointed that even Sam didn't bother to show up. Howard just thinks they're all fashionably late: "Some of these people, these glitterati, they don't roll in until at least 8:30." He loses some bread in the fondue, and Andrea compliments his new suit. Regina jealously pulls him away. Andrea complains to Dena about the appalling lack of guests, and Dena tells her that there are definitely more people coming. And then the doorbell rings. It's Frank. He's incredibly grumpy, and he's only there because his wife kicked him out while their daughter does homework. On a Saturday night. That's one dedicated little girl. Dena tells Andrea that now everybody has arrived. Andrea asks Dena why she didn't tell her about the paucity of guests: "I know fifteen Eurotrash partiers who could be here in five minutes." Dena: "It's Sam's birthday party, you can't fill it with strangers." Andrea: "She has amnesia." Dena: "Start dialing."

Sam arrives at Todd's. He goes to kiss her, but she pushes him away. She wants to know if he was really fooling around with Chloe when he was still dating her. He avoids the question, and she asks him if he was ever going to tell her. He claims to have told her just before the accident, and she calls him on his pathetic lying. He brings up her fling with René, and she claims that was different because he didn't learn about it until after they broke up. Which is exactly what's happening with Chloe. But she thinks she can avoid blame because it was Bad Sam who cheated with René, whereas it's "Same Todd" who cheated with Chloe and then with Sam. Sam tells him, "I don't want to live like that. I have nothing to hide." And then Chloe starts to open the door, so they run and hide. In a closet. Why exactly is Todd hiding? Sam: "You know, to an outside observer, this might not seem like a very healthy relationship."

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