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A Very Merry Un-Birthday To You

Eurotrash party. All these sunglass-wearing douchebags are there. Regina is passing food while Dena tries to bob along with the music and looks completely out of place. The doorbell rings, and Regina asks Frank if he would get it. He refuses: "I'm off the clock. I don't open doors, I won't call you a cab, and I won't find you an escort service. Good ambrosia, though."

Trapped in the closet. Sam asks Todd if he would ever have broken up with Chloe if Sam hadn't made him. He claims he would have, and then wonders how she even knows that he dumped her. Sam tells him that Chloe told her. She accuses him of "swinging from girl to girl, like monkey bars." He looks through the key-hole and sees Chloe approaching the closet. They dive around trying to hide some more. Todd ends up buried behind some coats, and Sam is standing right there when Chloe opens the door. Chloe jumps, and Sam claims that she was hiding because she thought Chloe was Todd and she didn't want to see him. She claims to be there for some shoes for her birthday party. And I find it completely refreshing that the writers did not have Chloe invite herself along to Sam's birthday party. Instead, Sam breaks down and confesses that she and Todd are together. Chloe thinks Sam is just trying to pull the same trick she pulled before when she claimed Todd was in the shower. She starts wondering where Todd might be hiding. She decides it can't be the bathroom, so it might be the closet. And as she opens the closet door, there's Todd. Chloe looks at Sam and tells her, "I thought you were my friend. You came to the hospital and everything. You two deserve each other, good luck." And she picks up her bag and leaves. Sam tells Todd that she thinks Chloe might be right -- Sam will never know if Todd is with her because she's Sam or because she's not Chloe and he can't stand to be alone. Todd asks if she's saying she doesn't want to be with him. Sam: "I'm just saying I'm so tired of being not someone. It's time for me to be someone." She thinks it's too late for them to have a fresh start. Todd tells her that she still has stuff there. Sam: "I'll always have stuff here, Todd." She kisses him on the forehead and walks out.

Party. Sam has arrived, and they're singing "Happy Birthday." Sam's V.O. tells us that the Book of Sam is ready for its second volume, with lots of fresh blank pages ready to go. She's happy to be with her friends and family and her remarkably diverse and attractive seventh-grade class. (The camera pans over to the Eurotrash for that last bit.) Sam makes a wish and blows out the candle. Todd opens the door and walks into the room. Dena: "I want that candle when you're done." Once again, Dena provides the laugh-out-loud moment of the show. Sam walks over to Todd, and he introduces himself. They pretend that they're meeting for the very first time. He's carrying balloons, and on one of them, he's written his phone number. He tells her to give him a call if she'd like to get together and leaves. Then they have cake. The end.

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