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Sam climbs into the back of the limo. She tells Funk that he seems nice enough, so "why not?" Why not get married, he wonders? No, why not let him buy her some coffee; "a cup, not a franchise." Oh, Sam, hold out for a small chain. Caribou would be a good one. Sam smells cupcakes. It turns out that Driver's wife makes cupcakes, and he's got some in the front seat. Driver's married? Poor Dena finally gets some attention, and it's from a dog. Funk starts describing some elaborate coffee date, but the cupcakes have triggered a memory in Sam.

Bad Sam strides through the office. Now, normally I'm one of the people who thinks that Good Sam and her cute little bob generally are cuter than Bad Sam and her blown out hair. But she is working it today, between the hair and the makeup and the tight blouse. Andrea asks Sam if she's going to see Chapman; she is, because she's going to tell him that he can't stick her with the work of the dude who had to take time off from work when his baby was born prematurely. Andrea asks Sam to put in a good word for her on her application for a promotion to a job in New York. Sam doesn't seem pleased at the thought of Andrea moving away, but she agrees to do her best. In Chapman's office, he's already prepared to be attacked about the baby thing, but he's nonplussed when Sam just asks him to deny Andrea the promotion. Sam's excuse is that Andrea is just too valuable... "to the company." Chapman agrees. Sam walks out and breaks the news to Andrea that Chapman just doesn't want to lose her. Andrea is pissed, and Sam suggests a trip to the Sweet Sugar Bake Shop.

Back in the limo, Funk is inviting Sam to attend a soccer game in Madrid. Why is it that all the men in Sam's life are men I would really like to date? Sam apologizes -- she has to go take care of some personal crises. But she offers him a rain check (on his invitation to grab a hot dog, not his invitation to Madrid). She prepares to climb out of the car, but Funk tells her that he can walk and offers her the use of the car. And Driver. He leaves, and Sam asks Driver if he knows the way to the Sweet Sugar Bake Shop. As the limo pulls away from the curb, it drives past Todd, who is looking at a tabloid he picked up. There's a photo of Sam and Funk on the cover, with the headline "Who is Funk's Mystery Blond?" Todd looks unhappy.

Sam walks up to the Sweet Sugar Bake Shop, where she finds Andrea sitting on a bench out front. Sam tells her that she remembered that they used to come to the bakery when they wanted to feel better, although she doesn't remember why. It's the cupcakes, stupid. Sam gives Andrea a heartfelt apology, claiming that the reason she kept Funk a secret was that she was too scared to lose Andrea. And she recognizes that it must be difficult for Andrea to have her best friend replaced with a completely different person. Andrea hasn't said a word, and Sam slowly turns to walk away. Andrea: "We sit here to smell the cupcakes. It's like eating them, but with none of the calories." Sam sits next to her, and then works up the courage to confess to killing Andrea's promotion, again because she didn't want to lose her. You'd think Andrea would be upset, but she in turn just confesses to ruining Sam's chances at a job in L.A. Sam: "Really, you did that for me? We really do care about each other." Sam pulls a resistant Andrea in for a hug. The scene converts to a pointillist painting.

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