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Cut to Sam's house, which is full of flowers sent by Funk. Sam's V.O. tells us, "And our heroine realized that even as she waited for happily every after, her friends would keep her company during the wait. Friends, and also a ration of the sweet cakes that came in the cup." Mmmm, sublimation cupcakes. The doorbell rings. Sam puts down her cupcake and goes to answer it. There's nobody there, but there is a fancy snow globe and a card sitting on the stoop. She closes the door and reads the card: "Snap, and shake." She snaps, shakes, and watches the glittery snow float around the globe. The doorbell rings again. This time when she opens it, she finds Todd on the stoop. Because he doesn't come with a card, she has to ask him what he's doing there. He's got the tabloid, and he wants to know who Funk is. Well Todd, he's apparently one of several men with whom Bad Sam was cheating on you. Sam can't believe she's on a tabloid, and then realizes that it's the picture her mother took. Heh. Todd repeats his question. Sam: "Just some billionaire who wants to marry me. No biggie." Todd can't believe that one day after Sam tried to get back with him, she's already dating this billionaire. Sam: "You told me you never wanted to see me again. What am I supposed to do, sit around and not get married?" And then Todd kisses Sam. He kisses the hell out of her. V.O.: "And with fire in his heart, the shy but smoldering stable boy yielded to the stunning blonde amnesiac. She was his destiny." Todd tells her, "Now look what you made me do. Damn it, Sam!" As he storms out, Sam looks pretty pleased with herself. Credits.

Best episode so far, and the excellent work by Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Esposito knocked it up at least half a grade.

LTG is a pension and benefits lawyer in Washington, D.C., which explains why he's so bitter and mean. You can reach him at

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