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The Break-Up

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The Break-Up

Drunk Sam is standing on the sidewalk outside Todd's apartment building, screaming his name. Doesn't she have a key? Frank is standing by the door, watching Sam yell. He tells her, "It might interest you to know, this isn't even close to the most embarrassing thing I've seen you do on this sidewalk." Heh. He asks her why she's screaming, and she tells him that she wants Todd. Frank: "The 'who' is no longer a secret to anyone on this side of the lake." He wants to know why she's screaming his name. It's because she needs to know if Todd really loved her. Frank takes pity on the neighbors and drags Sam off to get some coffee. As they walk away, she drunkenly tells him the good news that she's no longer an alcoholic. And then she falls over. Commercials.

Sam and Frank are in a coffee shop, where she's telling him the story of Kevin. She tells him that she's never going to fall in love again. Frank knows, as do we, that she will fall in love again and will get her heart broken again. Because otherwise, the show would get kind of boring. Frank tells her that whatever happens, she'll survive. Sam: "Oh my God, you speak the words of Gloria." Frank tells her that he karaokes with his wife, and Sam gets emotional at the thought that Frank has someone who loves him. She cries, and Frank tells her, "Someone once said, 'The joy in life is not in hearing the words "I love you," but in being lucky enough to say them.'" Sam asks who said these beautiful words. Frank: "The lead character in my screenplay." Ha! Frank tells her that some people never express their love. Sam wonders what kind of freak wouldn't be able to express love. And then she has a flashback.

Bad Sam is applying false eyelashes in the bathroom while Todd stands in the door and acts like a big girl, asking Sam if they live together. She tells him they don't, because even though he has a drawer and a third of the closet, he's not paying half the mortgage. Todd agrees that's never happening, but he does ask if it's okay if he keeps hanging out and sleeping in her bed every night. Sam: "If you stopped, I'd kill you." Todd: "I love you, too." Bad Sam gives him a not entirely Bad look.

Good (drunk) Sam is wondering if she might have never told Todd she loved him.

Cut to Sam standing outside the door of Todd's apartment, screaming his name. He throws open the door, and she asks him, "Did I ever tell you that I loved you?" It turns out she didn't, although she did leave malicious graffiti to that effect on his car. Sam tells him that she wants him to know that she did love him, and she wants to pretend that it's the past so that she can tell him that she loves him. "Then. Not now." And with that, she wanders away. Todd goes back into his apartment, where his poker buddies all make fun of Sam for her declaration (which they overheard). Todd, clearly hurt, tells them to shut up.

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