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Butterflies Are Free

Regina is in the kitchen at home when Sam enters. Sam is preparing to go out, and Regina asks her where she's off to. Sam tells her that she's going out with Dena, to "make topiaries." Regina, sounding wounded, asks, "You're going to Clip-Clip-Hooray?" Sam wouldn't go with Regina, but she's going now because she needs to kiss up to Dena. Sam mentions that Dena is dating Chapman, and Regina can't believe that Sam has now let both Funk and Chapman slip through her own clutches. Did she let Funk slip away? Last I remember, they were talking about a coffee date. Regina thinks that Sam clearly only wants to date the poor -- an impression that is confirmed when she hears that Sam kissed Todd.

Clip-Clip-Hooray! Andrea has joined Sam and Dena at the do-it-yourself topiary shop. Is that a real thing? Sam shows Dena the project she made. Dena guesses that it's a moose head, but it's actually a butterfly. Sam starts to make her pitch about the endangered insects when Andrea interrupts to talk about how dangerous a bad chair can be. They talk over each other until Sam shouts out "Save the butterflies!" and then explains to Dena that she needs her to speak with Chapman so he'll call off the bulldozers. And then Regina shows up to sit at the next table and do her own topiary.

Sam exits the elevator at work and finds Andrea sitting in a fancy new chair by the receptionist's desk. She seems happy, but then explains that she doesn't really love the chair and is going to push for a cappuccino maker instead. Sam runs off to see what she was able to get out of Dena. As Sam approaches Chapman's office, a disheveled Dena emerges. And when I say "disheveled," I mean "lipstick smeared across half her face." Dena did speak to Chapman about the mall, but then he told her how many poor people were going to get jobs in the new mall, and Dena decided that might be more important than the butterflies. Dena leaves, and Chapman emerges, with more lipstick smeared around his mouth. Commercials.

Sam enters the break room at the office, where Andrea is doing her Price is Right modeling routine with the new espresso maker. Sam has found old plans of the mall that don't seem to require plowing over the butterfly habitat, but she can barely hear herself over the sound of the machine steaming milk.

To escape the noise, Sam runs into her own office. Unfortunately, Chapman has decided to hang out there waiting for her. He doesn't want to talk about the mall -- he wants to hear what Dena says about him. He's clearly smitten, going so far as writing a poem for her (which he tries to read before Sam cuts him off). He tells Sam that he's worried that he might be coming on too strong. So she decides to take advantage of the situation by telling him that he might be coming on too strong, but that she'll find out what Dena's thinking. What follows is a series of intercut scenes in which Sam manipulates Dena into ignoring Chapman so that he'll go crazy with desire and do whatever Sam asks him to. And it works, because Chapman agrees to do whatever Sam asks if she can just get Dena to go out with him again. What Sam wants is a delay on the mall construction. For some reason, Sam waits until she's back in the empty field standing next to a bulldozer before calling Dena to tell her that it's okay to call Chapman again. As she hangs up, she tells a conveniently loitering butterfly that no matter how pretty he is, she'll gladly kill him if all the work she's doing jeopardizes her friendship with Dena.

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