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Butterflies Are Free

And now we're back at the club (which I guess is also a restaurant) where Chapman and Dena are on a date. All of Sam's lies come home to roost, as Dena acts unnaturally nonchalant and Chapman gets upset about the fake ex-boyfriend of Dena's that Sam invented to make him jealous. Dena drops the act to tell Chapman that she has no idea what he's talking about.

Cut to Dena pounding on the door of Sam's house. When Sam (wine glass in hand) lets her in, Dena's first words to her are, "Shame on you!" Sam: "So many of my conversations start out like that." Dena's angry that Sam pimped her out to get what she wanted at work. Hey, Andrea's also there, drinking wine. Sam starts to make excuses, but Dena tells her not to bother explaining why she did it: "You did it because you could!" Dena continues, "I'm just glad I still have one friend I can count on. Come on, Andrea. [Chapman] is taking us to karaoke." Dena and Andrea leave Sam to stew in her own deceit, but not before Dena tells Sam that the bulldozers will be rolling in the morning. And suddenly Regina is standing there. She tells Sam, "Karaoke, with the boss? It could have been you." Commercials.

When we return, Sam has done three things. First, she's gone to the butterfly meadow. Second, she's managed to call together the protesters from earlier. Third, she's borrowed the blue butterfly wings that one of the protester's was wearing earlier. Sam is quite efficient when she sets her mind to it. Sam, bullhorn in hand, is telling the protesters that although she's the one who set the destruction of the butterflies in motion, she's now determined to stop it. Just as she's telling them that the plan is for nobody to leave until the butterflies are safe, they all start to leave. Without any explanation as to why they've suddenly abandoned their own values.

Cut to Dena (who's wearing the same dress she was wearing earlier when she was at dinner with Chapman and when she took Andrea away for karaoke), shoving Chapman into her bedroom. She's trying to simultaneously rip his clothes off and talk about her decorating choices. Chapman is quite into having his clothes taken off, but he's also really interested in the decorating, going so far as opening up a debate on the pronunciation of "wainscoting." They throw themselves down on the bed, but Chapman cools off considerably when he sees the two enormous dogs that are already on the bed, staring at him. It looks like it might be a deal breaker for Chapman, so Dena turns on the television, explaining that it will make the dogs fall asleep. When she turns on the television, the news is showing the protesters picketing the meadow in late afternoon light, chanting in favor of butterflies and rainbows. And then we cut to Sam (identified as a Chapman and Funk VP and "environmental terrorist"), standing in front of the protesters, explaining to the cameras that although she knows she'll lose her job, she's glad to do it to save the butterflies and her own soul. "When you find something that is beautiful and delicate in this world, you have to protect it. Not just use it up and shove it aside just 'cause you can." Dena, touched, tells Sam that she forgives her.

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