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Butterflies Are Free

And here's Sam, alone, back at the field and bedding down in the scoop of a bulldozer. And then Regina walks up to her and lectures her about not taking care of her butterfly wings: "I know it's just a bulldozer scoop, but it does say a little bit about how you were raised." Sam picks up the bullhorn and asks why Regina is there. It turns out that she saw the news and was surprised at the feelings of pride she got at seeing Sam take a stand (although she did initially confuse the feeling of pride with the after-effects of sour cream that had gone bad). While she's talking, she wraps a scarf around Sam's neck. Sam thanks her, both for telling her she was proud and for bringing the scarf, since it's apparently getting cold. Regina: "Well, it's not for the cold. On TV your neck looked kind of creepy."

It's morning. Sam and Regina have fallen asleep in the bulldozer scoop. Sam wakes to the sound of a bulldozer engine, and is excited at the thought that she's about to take a stand for the butterflies. She uses the bullhorn to wake Regina and then stands up to throw herself in front of the bulldozer. Only to discover that the scoop she was in wasn't actually attached to the bulldozer in front of her, and that other machines are already busy crushing butterflies.

Cut to Sam, clearly just fired, carrying her box of possessions out of the office. Her voiceover tells us that the hardest thing about trying to change is just figuring out what things are in your control and what things aren't. She looks into the box, and sees a picture of herself with Miss Piggy. I'm sorry, my mistake -- it's actually a picture of Todd. But he's got long hair and squinty eyes, and his nose is looking a lot like a snout. What I'm saying is, what did Barry Watson do to piss off the props department?

And now Sam and her box are standing in front of her apartment building. She's asking Frank to please let her know whether Chloe is up in the apartment so she can know whether it's safe to speak to Todd. Frank has clearly been taking some classes on doorman ethics, because he refuses to tell her anything. Sam threatens him by telling him that she's now free to wait there all day to run into Todd. Frank: "That's not very impressive. I wait here all day, every day." Yeah, but do you do it with Sam nattering in your ear? Because I think that's the real threat. Just then, Todd exits the building and almost bumps into Sam. He tries to sneak off, but Sam stops him. Todd is feeling guilty, because he apologizes for freaking out when he saw Sam at the coffee shop. He felt bad about the kiss, but didn't know how to tell her, so he made up the newspaper freelance job to get away from her. He explains that he shouldn't have kissed her, since he's dating Chloe and wants to give that relationship a chance. So Sam grabs him and kisses him. And then she shoves him to the ground and tells him, "Lose some sleep over that." As she walks away, her voiceover tells us that the hardest thing is figuring out that some things just aren't meant to be, while things that are meant to be will work out no matter how badly you try to screw them up. And then she sees a bunch of the endangered butterflies, who apparently are just as happy living on the streets of Chicago as they are in a beautiful meadow. Take that, environmentalists! Credits.

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