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Sam's V.O. starts telling us about how the world is constantly sending you signals. Apparently, Sam's V.O. lives in the 19th century, because her signals seem to come from the telegraph. Or she lives in a gay porn movie, because the next signal we see is a man fingering his own crotch. Oh, my mistake -- it's a baseball catcher. You can see how I'd get confused. In any case, Sam is actually flipping through her mail -- most of it is junk or past due bills, but there's one handwritten envelope that she seems happy to see. On freeze-frame, I can see that the return address is Todd's. She opens it up and pulls out an invitation to Todd's show at the Rawlston Gallery. (Also, Todd's last name is "Deepler." So if they ever get married, she can be Samantha Deepler Newly, or Samantha Newly Deepler. It's destiny.) Written on the invitation, in bright blue ink, is a single handwritten "Hey!" Sam is perplexed, and spends a few minutes trying to figure out if this means "Hey, I missed you" or "Hey, I had an extra invitation," or even "Hey' I'm having a show. Do not come." And then Regina walks up to her and says, "Hey, ever since I got hit by a car I talk to myself an awful lot." Sam wants to know how long Regina's been standing there. Regina tells her that she sometimes sneaks around and watches Sam, out of concern for her possible brain injury. Sam asks Regina if she should go to the show. Regina: "Oh sweetheart, you can't go. But you have to go." Sam: "Your brain damage is a little bit different than mine, isn't it." Regina thinks that whatever Sam does, it will send a message to Todd, and she needs to figure out what message she wants to send. Sam crumples up the invitation, and Regina grabs it back from her because she plans to go herself. Sam decides she won't go, but that she'll tell Todd why she's not going so he doesn't think it means anything other than that she's moving on with her life.

And here's Sam, pestering Frank to find out if Todd is on his way down from the apartment. For some reason, Todd and Chloe have let Sam know that she shouldn't really drop by the apartment, notwithstanding the fact that she owns it. Frank thinks that might just be because Sam tried to destroy Todd and Chloe's relationship. Sam: "I don't know, I'm not a mind reader." She tells him about the gallery invitation, and he tells her that he was also invited. But he won't be there, since he teaches comedy traffic school that night. Sam tells Frank that she won't be there because she's over Todd. Frank: "Or maybe you love him." Sam: "Stop it, shut up!" The elevator doors open, and Sam shouts at Todd (who's the only person in the elevator). As she runs towards him, he furiously pushes the button to close the doors. But she gets there in time, and they act surprised to see each other. She tells him she's there to discuss the invitation, and he tells her that Chloe found out he sent it and asked him to make sure Sam didn't show up since Chloe thinks she's not over Todd. Whether to demonstrate that she is over him or just because it would piss Chloe off if she came to the show, Sam tells him that she plans on coming and bringing her new boyfriend with her. She also tells him that his name is Rance. She walks away as the elevator doors close, and Frank asks her, "Rance?" Sam: "I know." Credits.

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