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Chloe is chatting with someone when she looks over to the side and gets a concerned look on her face. She walks over to Todd and whines about Sam being there. Todd agrees that it's awkward, but notes that there's not much he can do about it since it's his first gallery show. Chloe, not really picking up on the fact that Todd is the guest of honor at his own show, suggests that they just leave to avoid Sam.

Howard continues to criticize the pictures until he sees something that grabs his attention. Regina thinks that this would be the one he likes, since it's of a naked woman. We can see her from the shoulders down, lolling about on a bed and covering her naughty bits with her hands. Howard thinks it's not because she's naked but because there's a certain intimacy to the photo. Regina goes on about artists getting models drunk and having sex with them (calling on Titanic as her evidence), and then notices a mole on the model's thigh. She tells Howard that the naked woman in the photo is his daughter.

Andrea walks by Sam and Jerry and Sam runs over to speak with her. Andrea approves of the hotness of Jerry, thinking that it will kill Todd. Sam thinks that if Todd is dead, he won't be able to notice how over him she is. Andrea doesn't really care -- she just wants Todd to pay in one way or another, so she went ahead and brought the vicious art critic to the show as her date. He wanders into the shot and complains about how the cheese isn't artisanal and then strolls off to savage the pictures. After the critic leaves, Andrea notes that Jerry looks kind of familiar. Sam freaks out, thinking that Andrea might have slept with him. Andrea: "Oh please, he's wearing a Swatch." Heh. And then Sam wonders where Dena is. Andrea innocently tells Sam that she gave Dena the address herself, so she has no idea where she might have gone.

And here's Dena wandering into a different gallery in which all of the walls are painted black. There's nobody else there except for a guy in a green body suit crouching down in a clear plexiglass box. Hanging over the box are the words "This Is Art." She says hello to him, and he shouts back, "It's limiting, it's confining, this is art!" She asks him if she's found the right gallery -- but whatever she says, he just shouts back another phrase about the constraints of art. And that's when Dena realizes that Andrea sent her to the wrong place.

Back at the gallery, Andrea is hoping that Dena didn't get lost. And then Jerry comes along and offers to take Sam's coat to the coat check. Sam thinks that sounds great, but she wants him to take her coat off of her at the exact moment that Todd is looking at her. Unfortunately, this results in her purse getting caught in the sleeve of the coat. They play tug of war with the purse until Sam has a flashback.

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