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Thief Of My Heart

An angry Dena pushes her way into the gallery. She sees Andrea, who tells her that she missed all the fun. Dena tells her that she brought her own fun. Dena's fun is Chase, who's pretty much everybody's fun. But he's especially fun right now -- he tells Andrea to come to work early in the morning so he can show her the new office he's picked out for her. It's ever so convenient to the copy machine. Dena and Chase walk away, and Andrea follows after: "Okay, so you don't like practical jokes. It's good to know, that's how a friendship grows."

Todd laughs at the sight of Andrea getting hoisted by her own petard. He offers to walk Sam to the door. Her V.O. tells us that while some signals are open to interpretation, others (like her ex-boyfriend putting a sold sticker on the nude picture of her) are crystal clear. Todd asks Sam if she has her valet ticket. She reaches for it in her purse, and accuses Jerry of having stolen her wallet... until she finds it and realizes she's being an idiot. Credits.

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