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The Girlfriend

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The Girlfriend

Sam and Dena are walking down the street when they come upon a group of adorable pre-teen girls jumping rope. Sam's V.O. tells us that there are different kinds of memory; one of them is muscle memory, which will allow even an amnesiac spaz to do things like jump rope. And then Sam tries to jump rope and falls on her ass. Just in time for Todd to come along and see her. This trigger's Sam's emotional memory of liking him. They exchange pleasantries (she tells him she's doing Double Dutch, and he tells her he's been playing a lot of jacks), and then he tells her, "I feel like I haven't seen you in forever." Oh, me too. She pointedly asks how his new girlfriend, Chloe, is doing. He tells her that she's fine, and then suggests that he and Sam should get together. She's very nonchalant, giving him a "sure, yeah, whatever," all while trying to contain her utter desperation. Todd walks away and Dena gives Sam a lusty "ooooh." Sam tells her to knock it off, so Dena cues the schoolgirls, who give their own chorus of "oooohs." Credits.

Sam enters her family's house, holding a box and calling out to Regina to tell her that a package arrived. Regina is excited; it's her "Natural Face Limited Edition 100 Piece Home Makeup Kit." She thinks that since Howard is off at a poultry conference, it's the perfect time for her and Sam to give each other makeovers. Sam: "You know what? It's also the perfect time to not do makeovers. I mean, how often in history does that happen?" Regina looks crushed, and then answers the ringing telephone. It's Todd; Regina tells him that Sam is not there, and whispers to Sam that she's not going to give her the phone unless she agrees to a makeover. Sam promises to be there the next night and then takes the phone. Todd tells her that he made too much chili, and since he knows how much Sam always liked his chili, he'd like to invite her over for a bowl. Personally, I do not believe there is such a thing as "too much" chili. Sam makes an awful joke about chili not being chilly but hot; Regina and Todd both look like they're about to start crying. Sam recovers and tells Todd that she would love to eat his chili. I'm not sure I want to know what the means. I would Google it, but I'm scared of what I might find. This time it's Regina's turn for a little "oooooh," but Sam tells her to knock it off because Todd has a girlfriend. Regina wonders why Todd is offering his chili to Sam instead of Chloe, and Sam gleefully decides it must be because Todd likes her. And then she picks up the phone to be sure Todd's not still on the line hearing everything she's saying.

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