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The Girlfriend

Cut to Sam and Todd eating chili. At the dinner table, with their clothes on. Well, that's one way to do it. Sam is laughing about something, but we don't hear what. And then Todd tells her that since things have been going so well for the two of them, he has something to ask her. She gets excited, until he has time to finish his sentence and ask her if she would mind if Chloe came to live with him. In Sam's apartment. Sam's fingernails are almost certainly cutting into her palm as she clenches her fist and tells Todd she'd be thrilled for him to shack up with his squeeze in her pad.

At the coffee shop, Sam has clearly told Andrea about Todd's request. Andrea thinks Sam should have just told him "no." Sam tells her that she did, except it kind of came out as "sure, why not." Sam can't figure out what to do about Todd. Andrea thinks that Todd is not the problem -- Chloe is the problem. And then she reminds Sam that Bad Sam had all kinds of ways of getting another woman out of the way -- including telling a man's girlfriend that he just sent a bottle of wine to her, and then swooping in to pick up the pieces (or just the piece, really) after the girlfriend slapped him and walked out. We see all of this in flashback -- it's our sole Bad Sam sighting for the episode. But Sam has no plans to do anything to get rid of Chloe, who has not really done anything to hurt Sam. Beth Littleford walks into the coffee shop just as the barista is calling out to tell Andrea her drink is ready. He mangles her name, so she gets up and leaves just as Sam introduces her to Audrey (Beth Littleford's character). Audrey is the president of the condo board; she tells Sam that she saw a young woman moving into her apartment last night. Sam clenches her fist again, and starts babbling about how she's completely not upset that her ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend is moving into her apartment. Audrey doesn't really care about Sam's emotional maturity -- she's just concerned that subletting is a violation of the condo rules, and she tells Sam it's a violation that means automatic eviction. (Of course, the board can't really evict Sam -- she's the owner of the apartment. But they could evict Todd and Chloe, leaving Sam responsible for paying the mortgage on her own.) Sam tells her that of course she's not subletting, and then leaves the coffee shop just as Andrea starts throwing food at the poor barista.

Sam knocks on Todd's door, which is answered by a laughing Todd, who has a laughing Chloe riding on his back. Sam: "Hi. Sorry to bother you guys. I just need to move in with you." Commercials.

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