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The Hockey Date

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The Hockey Date

Sam and Andrea cross the street and enter her building, where not working? Is he allowed to do that? Sam's V.O. complains that the universal message "Just be yourself" doesn't really apply to amnesiacs. Sam is a little jealous that some dude is flying Andrea to Rome, while the best thing that's happened to her recently was remembering her manicurist's name.

There's a knock on Todd's door, and he pulls on a shirt as he rushes to answer it. He opens the door to find a glowing Samantha and a very sour Andrea. Sam thinks that Todd's shortness of breath, mussed hair, and sweaty sheen mean that he just went running, and she offers to run with him sometime, if she can remember how. But then a woman (who is not the woman Todd was on a date with back in Episode 4 -- way to go, Todd) enters the scene, also with a sweaty sheen and mussed hair. There's a long awkward pause, and then Todd and his very ugly New Age-y necklace ask Sam and Andrea why they're there. It turns out that Andrea needs to borrow one of Sam's tops, which mean that Sam has still not moved all of her clothes out. I hope Todd's getting a break in the rent for keeping all of her stuff in storage. Andrea saunters off to get the top, but not before boasting about the private jet that is going to fly her off to Rome. There's a little more awkward chat, and then Todd introduces Sam as his friend to his date, Chloe. When she hears Sam's name, Chloe quietly asks Todd, "Is this the one...?" Todd quickly tells her that Sam is "the one." Sam assumes that this means Todd told Chloe what a raging bitch she used to be, but it turns out Todd just told her about the amnesia. Chloe insists on giving Samantha a hug, and then asks her what kind of shampoo Sam uses. Sam tells her that it's a hotel brand, which her father brought back "from a chicken farming conference." Heh. Somehow, I can picture Howard attending a chicken farming conference just to get some swag and the conference hotel rate. After the hug, Chloe speaks to Sam very loudly and slowly, just in case she forgot what syllables sound like. After Chloe leaves, Sam asks Todd whether he really meant it when he said they were friends, and she seems genuinely glad to hear him say that he did. And then Andrea returns with a mountain of Sam's clothes. Sam is upset, but Andrea asks her, "What do you care? You don't remember buying any of this stuff." Chloe returns and loudly asks whether Sam wants to have dinner with her and Todd, but Sam declines, telling Todd, "You're not the only one with a life, you know."

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