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The Wedding

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The Wedding

In the lobby outside the wedding, Sam runs into Todd. She's upset by how horrible all her old friends are, and Todd busts her for being horrible herself, what with the standing up of the one person who actually likes her. And then he walks off, leaving Sam standing alone in the hallway next to the wedding cake. And I kind of think they should have ended the episode right here, leaving Sam some things to make up for in the next couple of episodes. But instead, they just cut to commercials.

Sam, holding...half of the top of the wedding cake, including the bride and groom figurines? Yikes. And again, I love that even when she's trying to be good, she keeps doing horribly rude and self-centered things. Like stealing part of a wedding cake in order to bribe her fat friend into liking her again. Anywho, she's in her parents' hotel room. She calls out for Regina, who is in the bathroom taking a shower. Sam enters the bathroom and asks where Dena is: "Oh, please tell me she's taking a shower with you." Through the steamed up glass of the shower, Regina tells her that Dena left. Sam sits down and relays the story of her own crappy behavior. And then Sam wonders aloud what she's sitting on. Regina wipes a little window in the steam on the shower door and tells her that it's the bidet. And then Sam tells her mother to pack up, because they need to go home. But Howard's voice emerges from the shower to announce that he's not leaving the hotel until checkout time the next day, since he's already paid for the room.

So, earlier, I forgot to tell you that Dena told Sam that when they were kids, they would climb in each other's bedroom windows and talk and drink cocoa. Sorry about that. Why am I telling you now, you ask? No reason in particular. Anyway, Sam is climbing the trellis next to the window of Dena's bedroom, where Dena is in bed reading. Dena sees Sam, but refuses to let her enter. And then she tells one of her giant Newfies, who is apparently named "Mister Cellophane," to kill Sam. He seems uninterested in any killing, or even maiming, because he just sits there on the bed. Dena claims that the window is painted shut, but when Sam appears to fall, she runs over and throws the window open. And then Sam pleads for forgiveness. I do like that she compares Bad Sam to a werewolf that might emerge at any minute, and that Dena threatens to put a cap in her ass with a silver bullet if it happens again. And then Dena forgives her and invites her in for cocoa.

Todd reviews wedding pictures on his Mac. The pictures are all in black and white, which, hello, digital camera. You don't take black and white pictures, you just make them black and white after the fact (if you're going for that retro look). He gets to one of the pictures of Sam and smiles. Meanwhile, Dena asks Sam if Todd happened to say anything about anything in particular that might possibly have happened that night. Sam, selfish as always, only remembers Todd telling her how horrible she was. And then Dena asks if Todd was a good kisser. Sam has no idea, since she can't remember. She asks Dena why she wanted to know, and Dena (looking cute as a button) says that there's no reason in particular. And then Todd can't decide whether to hit "delete" or "save" on that picture of Sam. He eventually clicks on something, but we don't see what. Is this someone's idea of a cliffhanger?

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