Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

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Bimbo On the Loose

Present day. Abby stops Ethan as he's walking through the White House security gate and insists that he hand over the IM records. Ethan looks scared and stammers that he can't. Abby calls Olivia, who's prepping Jeannine for her live morning TV interview, which is happening at OPA. Abby says that Jeannine told Ethan to destroy the IMs, and Olivia realizes that Jeannine is going to cop to the affair on live TV because someone from the White House got to her.

As Olivia stomps over to ask Jeannine what the fudge is going on, a phone rings. Liv, Harrison, and Quinn all check their cells, but the phone is in Olivia's office. She heads off to answer it, warning Harrison and Quinn not to let the interview start until she gives the okay. The phone call is from Fitz, who says that Jake is alive, but Fitz can't get him released. Olivia yells at him for a while about that, and finally yells that the reason they aren't living their Vermont jam fantasy is so that Fitz can be President, and if he's President, he has the power to resolve these situations. She concludes, "YOU BRING HIM BACK!" and hangs up. Harrison comes in to say that they're ready for the interview. Liv turns and snaps, "Just GIVE! ME! A MINUTE!" and then runs through her dilemma: if she saves Jeannine, then Jake dies, and if she lets Jeannine burn, then Jake lives. Harrison looks pretty pissed. I wonder how much more of Liv's yelling and snapping and subterfuge he's going to take. Quinn, not helping, peeks in and says that the network wants to start. Liv whispers, "Stall them."

Then she makes one more phone call. To Rowan. She asks him to spare Jake's life. Rowan says what happens is up to her. Olivia says that she'll put Sunday dinners back on the table, and Rowan says he'll take it into consideration. It's totally bizarre that a man's life, a woman's reputation, and a Presidency could hinge on whether Liv can stomach having dinner with her dad, right?

Olivia walks into the conference room, asking for a moment with Jeannine. She removes Jeannine's mic and hides it in her hand, then tells Jeannine that she's not going to go on television and admit to the affair, no matter who in the White House got to her. Jeannine tries to lie but then admits that they're giving her two million in an offshore account. Liv gives her a speech about how you can't lie, because it will eat away at her and eventually she'll look in the mirror and hate what she sees. I don't think Liv is talking about Jeannine anymore.

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